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HITEC 2015: New and Notable in Austin, Texas

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0415AustinThere is a lot to see and do in Austin. Straight from the Austin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, here’s the scoop on dining hot spots, outdoor rec, trendy tours and fabulous art. Read More »

HITEC 2015: Ethics – An Overview

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wrong or right ethical questionIs an act or decision ethical or unethical? Let us start off with a general definition of ethics before we delve into ethical implications in the business community. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ethics are “moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.” This definition provides a jumping off point, but also raises a major question. How do we define moral principles? Moral standards can range dependent on geographic location, culture, religious group, age and many other demographic differences. The key is to establish an ethics policy for your business. In order to do this, it is important to learn a little more about the different theories of ethics and how they would apply to your organization. Read More »

Announcing the 2015-2016 HFTP Global Leadership Slate

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DispatchesEarlier this year, the nominating committee — comprising past HFTP Global past presidents, advisory council chairs and chapter presidents — were tasked with picking the HFTP members that would replace the outgoing directors of the HFTP Global Board. After a long day of interviews, the nominating committee was able to narrow down their choices. Without further ado, here is the official slate for the 2015–2016 HFTP Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors.Executive Committee

  • HFTP Global President Arlene Ramirez, MBA, CHE, CHAE, principle of ADR Hospitality Consulting
  • HFTP Global Vice President Lyle Worthington, CHTP, self-employed consultant
  • HFTP Global Treasurer Tim Nauss, CHAE, chief financial officer for Macao Studio City
  • HFTP Global Secretary Scot Campbell, CHTP, vice president of IT connectivity and communications for Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • HFTP Global Immediate Past President Daniel Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM, director of finance for Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place

New Global Directors
  • Director Cindy Estis Green, co-founder and chief executive officer of Kalibri Labs
  • Director Sherry Marek, vice president of marketing for Datavision Technologies, Inc.
  • Director Mark Pate, MBA, CHAE, CHTP, assistant controller and IT director for Highpointe Hotel Corporation
  • Director Kaeko Shirasu-Bailey, CPA assurance director for McGladrey, LLP.

In accordance with Article X, Section 3, of the bylaws, should the slate above remain uncontested, the HFTP Secretary will cast a single ballot at the HFTP Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Convention & Tradeshow in Bellevue, WA. The Secretary will then declare the mentioned individuals as duly elected.

Are You Overpaying Management Fees? Gross vs. Net Reporting and the Impact of Improper Accounting

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When reporting gross operating revenue, correct classification of expenses is important. Presenting items gross when they should be net can potentially cause a property to overpay fees, including its property management fees. The classification of these expenses is dependent on certain lodging industry rules and guidelines. If the property is acting as an agent in the transaction, the expenses are net against the corresponding revenue. However, if the property is the principal party in the transaction, the expenses are presented as an expense item within the operating expenses.

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Input Requested: It’s Time to Revisit HFTP’s Chapter Structure

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Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. —Pauline R. Kezer

DispatchesWith the idea of keeping our roots strong, but recognizing that we need to change to have HFTP’s branches reach around the globe, the recent HFTP Leadership Strategy Summit concentrated significant time on the issues facing our chapters. In the meeting we noticed an overall trend in the conversation that identified that we must be prepared for a rapid cultural change in our association. With this in mind, the HFTP Global Executive Committee, with the support of the HFTP Global Board of Directors, is organizing a Chapter Structure Task Force. This group will be tasked with analyzing how the current chapter structure is working, how it should be adjusted as we continue global expansion, and how to make everyone’s experience a great one in HFTP.

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A Season without Seasonal Visas?

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0315_PabianIt has been a frustrating and scary month for those operating seasonal businesses, with the club and hospitality industries particularly affected. With so many organizations in the club and hospitality industries relying on foreign nationals to work during busy months, the suspension of the H-2B seasonal visa program, and the aftereffects that continue, has sent shockwaves from coast to coast.On March 4, 2015, because of a federal district court case in Florida, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) was forced to immediately suspend all aspects of H-2B visa processing. The reason for the suspension was that the court found that the DOL did not have legal authority to issue H-2B visa regulations (as it had been doing since 2008). In response to the court’s ruling, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), the other government agency involved in H-2B adjudication/processing, also suspended its processing of H-2B visa petitions as of March 4. Therefore, as of March 4, the H-2B visa process was completely and indefinitely suspended in the United States. Read More »

New Leadership Strategy Summit Plans for HFTP’s Future

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Pictures from the March 2015 Leadership Strategy Summit 

Like any organization aiming to maintain a successful position, HFTP leaders are continually looking at ways to maintain importance in the hospitality finance and technology industry. This last week in Irving, Texas approximately 50 leaders gathered for an intense strategy meeting to brainstorm over five mega questions that will help move HFTP forward into the future. Discussions revolved around whether HFTP should expand globally, how to best accommodate a chapter structure going forward and new revenue streams for the association. Read a dispatch from HFTP Global President Daniel Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM detailing the discussion at the Leadership Strategy Summit.

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Disptaches from HFTP Global – Leadership Strategy Summit

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LSS15 Blog Head DispatchesWhat happens when 50 passionate HFTP leaders get in a room to discuss HFTP’s future? You get a lot of opinions, a lot of discussion and a lot of direction. Led by Cindy Estis Green, HFTP held the Leadership Strategy Summit in Dallas last week to discuss the mega issues facing the association. Keeping the core purpose of HFTP at the forefront — to lead and advance the hospitality profession by providing a forum for continuous learning and knowledge sharing — leaders from across the globe gathered to give their opinions and debate the direction of HFTP. Ultimately, we came away with a consensus on the proper direction and projects HFTP should be focusing on. Read More »

New Year, New CHTP Certification and a New CHAE Possibility on the Horizon

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Litchfield01After a lot of hard work by last year’s Certification Advisory Council and Task Forces, HFTP recently launched the new Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) certification program for 2015. The new CHTP program launch includes a revised exam, application process and policy and procedures. The new CHTP exam is now divided into three sections: hospitality applications, hospitality technology management and core technology. The new CHTP program is ideal for mid-management level industry professionals in hospitality technology. With over 500+ new and revised exam questions to choose from in the exam software, candidates will be assured to see exam content that is up-to-date with today’s hospitality industry. Additionally, HFTP has developed a plan to maintain the certification exam questions which will keep them current and up- to-date going forward — a challenge with the prior generation’s exams. Read More »

HITEC 2015: Getting Ready for Mobile Payments

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morosan0315edit The fragmented nature of hospitality transactions requires both consumers and merchants alike to think carefully about how services will be paid for in the future. Right now, the easy to use magnetic stripe cards are still popular among both consumers and merchants; however, that is about to change with the deployment of the newer electronic payment protocols, which are designed to be more secure. The year 2015 is critical for this change, as merchants get ready to deploy terminals capable of contact-less electronic payments. Read More »

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