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Written by: Monica Henegar

When I received the email about the upcoming HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference and saw the location was sunny Los Angeles, which I have traveled through but never really had a chance to explore, I decided that I wanted to go. The “why” never came up until I actually submitted the request for approval to my employer, and had to make a case for it.

HFTP is the first professional organization that I have belonged to, aside from my professional accounting association. Initially, I was invited along to the local chapter meetings, which take place monthly at different clubs and hotels in the area. Other than the attraction of great lunches and wines mid-day, as each property brings out their best to impress the rest, the sessions always provided interesting and varied educational topics that I was able to apply in my daily work. Read More »

Now Presenting — The HFTP Regional Mentor Program

Written by: Danielle Chong

HFTP is thrilled to announce the addition of a NEW member benefit. Starting in September, members have access to a Regional Mentor in their geographic area. The Regional Mentor program was designed to accommodate the needs and wants of the current membership, as well as to draw in additional prospective members. Regional Mentors are chosen representatives who exemplify leadership and the guiding principles of HFTP. Read More »

Bi-annual HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey Released

Written by: Tanya Venegas

Results of the 2012 HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey are available. In addition to providing basic compensation and benefits information such as salaries, bonuses and retirement plans; the survey digs a little deeper by analyzing other various factors such as certifications, property characteristics, and demographic information. This information can be utilized for multiple purposes including salary comparisons, budgeting processes, staffing guidelines, contract negotiation and benefit standards. Read More »

Summary of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Written by: By Mayur T. Dalal

On January 1, 2013, both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Here are some key highlights of the new “Act.” These provisions are effective for the 2013 tax year, except where otherwise specified. With over 100 changes to the Tax Code, we have put together a summary of the changes that will impact businesses. Read More »

Job Prospects and the Value of Graduate Education in the Hospitality Industry

Written by: Sophia Foster

As today’s students enter college and select a degree program, many employment outlook analysts are urging them to consider a career in hospitality management, citing both projected industry growth and a widespread lack of skilled job candidates. Read More »

HFTP Plans for Another Great Year of Education

Written by: Sharon Litchfield, CHAE

One of the more important councils for HFTP is the Education Advisory Council, of which I had the pleasure of serving. Finding the right theme, keynote speakers and education topics for the HFTP Annual Convention and the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference are the most important tasks they face. This sets the tone for the events and what you take away from it. The council is currently planning for another fantastic year of education in 2013, so if you have any ideas for a session, please submit it to the council (submission guidelines)! You have a chance to share your knowledge and expertise with the attendees of the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference and/or the Annual Convention & Tradeshow. Read More »

Pay or Play? Deciding on Employee Health Care Coverage

Written by: Jane Schmitz, CHAE

Pay or Play?

I started my second day listening to the Thursday Keynote’s, Shawn Achor’s, excellent presentation on how concentrating on the positives improves your career success. I ended the day wondering how I was going to apply his principles to dealing with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act after attending the government update session with Brad Steele.

Every club, hotel and business in America with over 50 full time employees has a very difficult decision ahead of them. To Pay or to Play? Do we pay the fines and not offer employee health insurance, or do we offer employee health insurance and pay the fines? Yes, there are fines in both of those options, it is not a typo. Read More »

Building a Chapter Web Site: Part 1

Written by: Jim Wisniewski

As board members of the Greater Nashville Chapter of the HFTP, we find ourselves often wondering two things: How can we build our membership, and how can we engage our membership on a more regular basis? Fairly typical questions for most businesses, but considering the wealth of resources that HFTP and its members provide, responding to the challenge becomes a great opportunity for all of the individual HFTP chapters through their web sites. Read More »

Guest Advocacy + Social Reach = More Hotel Business

Written by: Ron Callari

When it comes to gaining new business with social media, it pays to let your guests speak for you.

We’ve all done it – gone to see a movie, ate at a new restaurant or even visited a certain city because our friends have spoken so highly of their experiences.

As we live our lives based on the recommendations of others, we are not alone. A new Global Trust in Advertising report conducted by Nielson revealed that nine out of 10 people will make a purchase resulting from a trusted friend’s recommendation.

It is for this reason that smart hotels and resorts are actively seeking positive reviews and personal recommendations from their guests.

However, simply collecting kind words won’t bring business rolling in the door.

Hotels need to place those recommendations in front of the people influenced by the recommender, and there is no more effective way to do so than through social media.

Social media marketing is more than a buzzword.

It is a powerful force, creating real revenue for the hospitality industry.

When it comes to businesses actually engaged in social media, it was found that over  50 percent of  all companies use Twitter (59 percent), Facebook (60 percent) or both. Sadly, most indicated that the reason for their social engagement was to keep up with competition – not to channel new business. Read More »


Written by: Esther Fullen

ASK is not an acronym.

ASK is what we need to do more.

So many hospitality professionals arrive to their workplaces with enthusiasm and passion.

We are proud of what we do and where we work.

We have embraced the challenges of our organizations as merely complications, not limitations.

We commit fully.

We engage with purpose and integrity.

We influence others to their highest potential.

What we do is who we are.

So why don’t we ASK?

As HFTP members, we have access to training at the helm of our industry — technology, leadership, worldwide trends and more are all available to us.

We can choose to be at our own desks for this training, yet we have access to a greater network beyond our corporations and brands.

This network stretches across the globe and can be face-to-face for us: If we just ASK.

If you have not ASKed yet, get started today.

Check out the cost to attend a conference. Get it into your budgets this year.

HITEC 2012 — the largest hospitality technology conference in the world — is right around the corner and a great place to get started in this journey.

ASK to become an HFTP member (attend an HFTP conference this year, including HITEC, and you save $100 off your registration fee by becoming a new member of HFTP).

You would do this for your colleague. But now it is time for you: Time that you get clear about what you want and what you need to be renewed and continue in this dynamic industry of hospitality.

Just ASK.

Then…keep ASKing.

Esther Fullen is controller of two hotels for Charlton Resorts in Banff, Alberta, Canada. She is the chair of the HFTP Social Media Advisory Council and is active with the HFTP Southern Alberta Chapter. You can follow her on Twitter @EstherFullen.

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