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5 Things to Know When Visiting Los Angeles

Written by: Kathy McAdams

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You’ll need it. With a visit to Los Angeles for HITEC 2014, you’ll need to know these five things about us.

1. Bring Your Appetite and Your Sense of Adventure – Los Angeles is One of America’s Top Culinary Destinations.

Find out why Food and Wine Magazine called Los Angeles “America’s best new food city” in its March 2014 issue. Los Angeles is home to thousands of restaurants, offering everything from Michelin-starred fine dining (Water Grill, Mori Sushi, Asanebo Corp, Patina Restaurant, Providence, Cut, Urusawa, Hatfield’s, Gordon Ramsay at the London-West Hollywood, Osteria Mozza, Melisse) to authentic international street food. Los Angeles invented the food truck and the celebrity chef, and you can dine in their restaurants, sample their cooking and often catch a glimpse of them in the kitchen or greeting diners. Read More »

LA’s Newest “Old” Gem Plays Host to HITEC 2014 Opening Party

Written by: Steven Stout, CAE

One of the most popular happenings during HITEC is the Opening Party! Back in 2011, the idea was proposed to move the Opening Party out of the host hotel since so many of our attendees work in hotels and have seen their fair share of ballrooms. So, the Opening Party took to the streets of our host cities allowing attendees the chance to enjoy the beautiful locations that house HITEC.

2014 is no different with the Opening Party being held at another landmark destination in Los Angeles, The Belasco Theater. A relic of the 1920s, The Belasco Theater made its grand reopening debut in March  2011 after laying dormant for more than 20 years. Thanks to an extensive three year restoration, the venue retains most of its original architecture – meshed  with impressive sound and lighting capabilities. Located just blocks away from the L.A. Live complex in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, this venerable landmark is the city’s premiere multi-purpose event and entertainment complex. Read More »

Be an Official Guest Blogger for HITEC 2014

Written by: Sara Bailiff

HFTP Connect is looking for hospitality professionals who would like to write original and educational posts about their HITEC 2014 experience for the blog.

HITEC 2014 is June 23 – 26 in Los Angeles, Calif.

See the information below for details on the opportunity and review posts from past HITEC Guest Bloggers:

HITEC Official Blogger Benefits:

  1. A Complimentary Full Conference Registration.
  2. HITEC Press Access – Access to all the education sessions, an Opening Party pass and access to the exhibit hall.
  3. Internet access in the HITEC Press Room to write blog posts (blogger must have own laptop).
  4. Credit as the author of the blog post and links to blogger’s web site, social media accounts, etc.

HITEC Official Blogger Requirements:

Four blog posts related to HITEC, see Guidelines for acceptable posts:

•  One prior to HITEC
•  Two during the week of HITEC, at least one post must be related to a specific education session.
•  One after HITEC
  1. Email blog posts, along with any pictures, to Sara Shafer
  2. If Official Blogger fails to perform the blogger requirements, the blogger will be charged for the amount of the HITEC Full Conference Registration ($725 USD)
  3. HFTP will help bloggers in securing hotel reservations; however, bloggers are responsible for room, tax and incidentals.

If you’re interested, please send a brief description on why you would be a good guest blogger and a sample of writing to Sara Shafer.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 21.

Disclaimer: As an association, HFTP may not endorse or promote a product or vendor. HFTP Connect is educational in nature and blog posts must not be sales-oriented. Products or vendors may only be mentioned in an educational format.

Now Presenting — The HFTP Regional Mentor Program

Written by: Danielle Chong

HFTP is thrilled to announce the addition of a NEW member benefit. Starting in September, members have access to a Regional Mentor in their geographic area. The Regional Mentor program was designed to accommodate the needs and wants of the current membership, as well as to draw in additional prospective members. Regional Mentors are chosen representatives who exemplify leadership and the guiding principles of HFTP. Read More »

So How Did It End?

Written by: Brad More

So HITEC 2013 is in the can. I can comfortably say that for me, this was the best HITEC in many years. I figured I’d close out the year with a few topics that sprang forth from my brain post show, in no particular order:

Sessions and Keynotes

This year, the session and keynote topics converged very tidily with my own personal interests. It was actually pretty easy to put together a full palette of educational panels and presentations to fill each and every day. In the past, it’s been a challenge for me to fill my days without just mindlessly wandering the show floor looking for something to do or someone to chat with.

Take it for what it’s worth, but I actually extended my planned stay and put off a day of vacation to attend a session on in-room technology the last morning. That’s good planning and I, for one, hope it continues!

The Old Guard

The old guard companies were represented in force as usual. It was good to see that the whales aren’t resting on their laurels; they’re pushing forward with new products and improving the robustness and stability of current offerings. This hasn’t always been a given year over year. While I’m notionally a vendor by trade and not an hotelier, I think this is a great thing for hoteliers, a trend I hope continues. … Frankly, it’s refreshing. Read More »

HITEC 41: Mobile and Real-Time Data

Written by: Neil Foster

It’s taken a few days for it all to sink in.

I left HITEC sensing mobile and the resulting real-time communication was a dominant theme this year and the future of our business, but barely scratching the surface of overall impact. With the lightening pace of change, the role of the IT manager has never been more difficult; opening the mind to embrace new high-impact technology, while continuing to protect against constantly emerging threats (PCI, malware, phishing, and other malevolent activity).  It’s not an easy balance to achieve, but some organizations have been aligning a few technology resources with marketing to ensure new market realities are quickly leveraged by current technologies. Read More »

Employees Untethered

Written by: Warren Markwart

This is the year of the tablet. Try and find a vendor, that doesn’t have a tablet as part of their product.

In two years we will have forgotten that there was actually a “year of the tablet.” As mobile, hand held computing will become so ubiquitous in the operation of our business.

Tablet productivity will come from two sources. The guest and the hotel employee.

The guest becomes another user on your system without the training you would normally give to your staff. They make reservations, will check themselves into your hotel, order room service, request towels, all with no training.

Now just think of the effect tablets in the hands of your employees will have. They will be mobile, but more importantly, training times will be greatly reduced. You will even be able to train a general manager or director of sales to check a guest into the hotel. Read More »

Dressed to Impress

Written by: Patty O'Brien

At this hospitality conference I found technology solutions to problems I did not know I had. I found technology solutions to problems I will have. If I am smart and stay on the path.

I have been to other types of conferences before like home and garden shows where there are lots of fountains and building materials and such. Tradesmen there dress in plaid flannel shirts, jeans and steel toed boots. Or an art show where the attendees wear beige khaki and sensible shoes and worry about whether or not there is room on the wall they have in mind for a particular painting. I was mildly amused at the styles that were sported by the HITEC crowd. And also impressed by the overall well groomed showing of most of the people who showed up from all around the world. I think the guys must have gotten in touch with each other before the show and determined what color shirts they would all wear. Read More »

It’s Going to Change Bigtime

Written by: Warren Markwart

The REALLY Big Show

“The Rise of the Metamediaries” sounds like a science fiction horror show.

The “rise” occurred on Tuesday afternoon and It was a REALLY big show starring senior people from Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor and Room 77. The stage was groaning with all these heavyweights in one place. Cindy Estis-Green did a great job in getting each to discuss their strategies of:

  • Dreaming
  • Planning
  • Booking
  • Experience
  • Sharing

She had two pundits that started the Q&A into a frank and lively discussion. Read More »

Even With All the Gizmos, People are Still Required

Written by: By Patty O'Brien

Today, the exhibit hall opened for attendees to explore the many products and services being offered to hotels for their technology savvy guests.  It seems you can book a room using your smart phone.  There are programs that can find hotel rooms for using your personal preferences, current G.P.S. location and even get a fair price, which you may pay using yet another useful app.  You can check in before you arrive and even have a key code downloaded to the phone and wave it in front of the door and it will electronically unlock and let you in.  You can do all of this without ever having to actually talk to another human. In the lobby or privacy of your room you can access a digital concierge and it will let you know whatever you want to know about local weather, restaurants, parks and rental cars and well, anything… Read More »

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