As a leading, international, NGO hospitality association recognized for promoting education within its industry, HFTP® welcomes blog submissions from those who wish to contribute. Blog submissions should be educational in content, and all content should be original to the cited author. Below are the submission instructions and guidelines to follow to be considered for an opportunity to be featured as a blogger on HFTP Connect.

Blog Post Guidelines

  1. Length is approximately 500 words (more or less)
  2. HFTP Connect will link blog post to any web site and social media accounts blogger requests.
  3. HFTP requires that the blog posts be original content, written by the guest blogger.
    • Blogger may repost the blog after the blog is posted on HFTP Connect (with a disclaimer and link indicating the blog post was originally posted on HFTP Connect).
  4. Postings may not involve information that could give rise to a claim for a violation of the antitrust laws. Specifically, messages are not to involve the following:
    • Prices, credit terms or other terms of sale, or what constitutes a “fair” profit level;
    • Individual costs, capacity, inventory or sales;
    • Individual distribution or marketing information, including territories, customers and suppliers;
    • Complaints or disparagement about individual firms, or other actions that might tend to hinder a competitor in any market; or
    • Any other unreasonable limitation on competition.
  5. Postings should not include product or service sales pitches or recommendations.
  6. Blogger agrees to HFTP Blog’s Terms of Use:


As an association, HFTP may not endorse or promote a product or vendor. The HFTP Blog is educational in nature and blog posts must not be sales-oriented. Products or vendors may only be mentioned in an educational format.

Apply to be an HFTP Connect Blogger

Bloggers can submit content and content proposals for consideration to HFTP Public Relations Manager Jessica Blankenship at