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Be an Official Guest Blogger for HITEC 2014

Written by: Sara Bailiff

HFTP Connect is looking for hospitality professionals who would like to write original and educational posts about their HITEC 2014 experience for the blog.

HITEC 2014 is June 23 – 26 in Los Angeles, Calif.

See the information below for details on the opportunity and review posts from past HITEC Guest Bloggers:

HITEC Official Blogger Benefits:

  1. A Complimentary Full Conference Registration.
  2. HITEC Press Access – Access to all the education sessions, an Opening Party pass and access to the exhibit hall.
  3. Internet access in the HITEC Press Room to write blog posts (blogger must have own laptop).
  4. Credit as the author of the blog post and links to blogger’s web site, social media accounts, etc.

HITEC Official Blogger Requirements:

Four blog posts related to HITEC, see Guidelines for acceptable posts:

•  One prior to HITEC
•  Two during the week of HITEC, at least one post must be related to a specific education session.
•  One after HITEC
  1. Email blog posts, along with any pictures, to Sara Shafer
  2. If Official Blogger fails to perform the blogger requirements, the blogger will be charged for the amount of the HITEC Full Conference Registration ($725 USD)
  3. HFTP will help bloggers in securing hotel reservations; however, bloggers are responsible for room, tax and incidentals.

If you’re interested, please send a brief description on why you would be a good guest blogger and a sample of writing to Sara Shafer.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 21.

Disclaimer: As an association, HFTP may not endorse or promote a product or vendor. HFTP Connect is educational in nature and blog posts must not be sales-oriented. Products or vendors may only be mentioned in an educational format.

New Momentum for CHTP

Written by: Mick Nissen, CHAE, CHTP

Over the past few years, the Certification Advisory Council (CAC) and the HFTP Board of Directors have been discussing the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) Program. The question of how do we keep a technology certification relevant, is obviously one of the biggest questions we are faced with every time we meet.

As we all know, technology is evolving rapidly these days. The evolution and innovation of technology has also impacted the hospitality industry as well as the CHTP certification program. HFTP was aware that the CHTP exam was dated in some of the sub-section content areas that were tested on the exam. The study materials reflected this information as well. The perception of the CHTP program, from the industry’s point of view, is simply that the exam has some issues that needed to be addressed. HFTP is on a mission to fix these issues and the industry’s perception of the certification program as a whole. At our best efforts, HFTP has removed dated and subjective questions that were on the current CHTP exam.

Read More »

ANOTHER Credit Card Breach — What Now?

Written by: Frank Wolfe, CAE

The recent data breaches at major retail outlets such as Target, Michaels Stores Inc. and Neiman Marcus brought this type of modern crime to the forefront in the minds of the consumer; and for us in the hospitality community, it really hit home when news surfaced of a breach at White Lodging properties throughout the United States. For those who were not able to keep up with the “screaming headlines’ about this incident, one thing that both consumers and credit card retailers were warned about is that there would be more to come … and obviously they have. I am going to also predict that there will be even more of these that we will hear about over the next few months from other types of businesses and organizations.  Regardless of the tens of millions of dollars industries spend to protect credit card data, criminals who try to steal this data are constantly attacking our information systems and eventually they get lucky — for a short time. As in these recent cases, they were shut down. Read More »

2014 Kicks Off With New Member Benefits

Written by: Danielle Chong

This past year, 2013, brought many changes to HFTP and the association hopes to grow even more in the new year. With growth comes new benefits for HFTP members. Recently, HFTP has partnered with other organizations to offer world class education, extended office hours for increased accessibility to staff, revamped CPE tracking capabilities, and continued savings programs to relevant businesses. Below are details on the great new benefits HFTP members were able to experience in 2014. Read More »

Right From the Start, A World Tour on Behalf of HFTP

Written by: Jerry Trieber, CPA, CHAE, CFE, CFF, CGMA

HFTP President Starts His Position as HFTP Global PresidentMany people in the hospitality industry, as well as my family and friends, know that I travel quite a bit with my Crestline responsibilities; assuming the role of HFTP Global President has me traveling even more! Starting in early November, I was fortunate to travel as an HFTP representative for almost four weeks. I started my tour on November 9 at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS) and American Hotel & Lodging Association Fall Conference in New York City. With approximately 18,000 industry professionals in attendance at the IHMRS, it was a phenomenon to behold! While this was my fourth attendance at the IHMRS, the people, products, and plethora of education and networking opportunities never cease to amaze me. Read More »

Meet the Official Guest Blogger of the 2013 Annual Convention & Tradeshow

Written by: Sara Bailiff

HFTP Connect will feature posts throughout the week of the 2013 Annual Convention & Tradeshow provided from the aspect of the official guest blogger, Tony Llanos. Find out more about Tony below and keep watch during the week for his insights as a convention insider. Look for the Official Blogger image in the daily newsletter. Read More »

Calling All Young Professionals — Annual Convention 2013

Written by: Danielle Chong

For the first time, HFTP will feature a Young Professionals session theme as part of the 2013 Annual Convention and Tradeshow in Dallas. In addition to the other session themes for Annual Convention, young professional attendees, as well as other attendees, will have the opportunity to learn tips and lessons about growing both professionally and personally from distinguished speakers who have tailored their presentations to the younger generations. Whether you are a student, entry-level hospitality professional or an experienced industry veteran, the Young Professionals sessions are guaranteed to shed light on many aspects of development and growth. On Friday, October 18, 2013, three professionals speakers will present various topics to this year’s attendees and it is proving to be a much anticipated event. Read More »

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Education

Written by: Steven Stout, CAE

One of the many benefits offered as part of being an HFTP member is access to the ProLinks Webinar Archives. Here members can select from a long list of hot topics offering over 75 hours of education.

Not able to join us at a face-to-face meeting? Or are the regular scheduled webinars offered at an inconvenient time for your individual schedule? HFTP members can access ALL webinars HFTP has ever offered whenever and wherever works for them.

How do I get to the Archives? Simply visit www.hftp.org then log-in. Visit the Webinars page and look for the HFTP ProLinks Webinar Archive link at the bottom of the page. Current HFTP members will find an an entire list of recordings and accompanying handouts to choose from.

With topics ranging from PCI Compliance to Club Technology Issues – members can seek out the topic that is on their radar and watch these quick one hour sessions.

There are even opportunities to see various perspectives on certain “hotter” topics which may have been offered one or more times during the creation of ProLinks Webinars. Read More »

Official Guest Bloggers Wanted — 2013 Annual Convention & Tradeshow

Written by: Sara Bailiff

Returning this year, HFTP Connect is looking for up to three professionals involved with the hospitality industry who would like to write original and educational blog posts about their Annual Convention & Tradeshow experience.

If you’re interested, please send a brief description on why you would be a good guest blogger to Sara Bailiff.

Official Blogger Benefits:

Complimentary Full Conference Registration which includes admittance to all convention activities, including scheduled meal functions, exhibits, Welcome Reception, President’s Evening and educational sessions.

Credit as the author of the blog post and links to blogger’s web site, social media accounts, etc. Read More »

Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You!

Written by: Jody Urquhart

I recently had the opportunity to present the opening keynote session at the HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference in Minneapolis, Minn.

As another benefit to HFTP members I will be presenting the webinar, “Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You — How to Lead a Multigenerational Workforce.”

The hospitality industry attracts all generations and for different reasons. Many leaders struggle to understand how to communicate and inspire different generations.

Different age groups bring unique qualities to the table, understanding those qualities and altering your leadership approach goes a long way to attracting and retaining what can be a very transient and often seasonal workforce. Read More »

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