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Upward Mobility – For Your Hotel, That Is

Written by: Phil Schwartz

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The Intimacy of Mobile

The extraordinary appeal of application software, nicknamed apps, for phones proves that people have created a close relationship with their smartphones, so close that it could be characterized as an intimate one.

Think about it.

People use their smartphones for e-mailing, texting, tweeting and, oh yes, talking. They also get information, keep their appointments, play a game, update Facebook, check into their flight, even check in to their hotel. That’s much more than the old so-called “feature” phones. Smartphones now represent more than 50 percent of new cell phone sales and that share is increasing rapidly.

In January, Apple announced that it had its 10 billionth app downloaded from its iTunes or App Store. The total number of apps available will probably exceed a million by the middle of next year. Gartner Research estimates that by 2013, 21 billion apps will be downloaded annually! Read More »

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