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Super Monday

Written by: Randy Craven, CHTP

HITEC Monday is the day of super sessions that last up to two and a half hours. Does anyone know how to condense four of these into my 500-word limit?

The first session of the day was also my favorite, “Building a Better Hotel Infrastructure” led by Robin Koetje, Ken Barnes and James Lingle. It was the sort of block-and-tackle information that I come to HITEC for. Here are a few of the many great points made:

  • You’ve got to start with the environment. what are the brand standards and other decisions that are already made for you?  What is the owner’s vision and mindset? Are they in it for the long haul, or to flip? Do they want to push the envelope in terms of technology and guest services, or play to the low denominator? What are the local requirements; for example is water abundant or scarce? Read More »

Stuff That Caught My Eye — 2013 Edition

Written by: Brad More

Every year the first thing I do at HITEC, pretty much to the exclusion of all else, is wander each and every aisle. I’m in that zone between focus and apathy, just cruising for new vendors, products, marketing … things … that catch my eye.

In no particular order, here are a few of the people and companies that, primarily because of product and in some cases product category, caught my eye this year.

A brief caveat, I have no relationship with any vendor mentioned, and in no way should mention here be construed as endorsement or recommendation. In most cases my opinions and thoughts were shaped by a brief, but universally smart and engaging conversation. Read More »

It’s All About the Guest

Written by: Warren Markwart

Hundreds of vendors are about to spend three days hawking their wares to thousands of attendees at HITEC. It’s a thrilling time for all the techies who attend. It’s like a toy show. All new bright shiny stuff to look at. This year, Tablets and clouds…… sounds like what doctors and weatherman talk about.

On the exhibit floor, there will be magnificent castles with princesses spinning stories of the “magic wand” that will solve all technology problems. A three ring circus with all sorts of software performing a cunning array of stunts. Travelling medicine wagons with tonics to cure all that ails you. Read More »

[Ask the Experts] Valyn Perini

Written by: Administrator

As we lead up to HITEC 2012 in June, HFTP Connect will be talking to various hospitality professionals about hospitality technology through the Ask the Experts column.

A Distribution Professional’s View on Hospitality Technology

Valyn Perini is an experienced travel professional with more than 15 years in hospitality and travel operations, sales and marketing, systems, consulting and software development. As CEO of OpenTravel, Perini oversees the operations of the organization, including developing and executing strategies to reach the goal of standardizing electronic distribution of traveler information in the travel industry. She is a member of the HITEC Advisory Council.

How is your specialty changing? How will it evolve over the next two-five years?

My specialty is distribution, and it’s hard to quantify all the changes going on right now. The pace of change is just breathtaking — for guests and hoteliers.

The industry has evolved from the GDS being the primary electronic channel of distribution to the incredible proliferation of channels and business models.

In the next two years (who knows what distribution will look like in five years?), we’ll continue to have the discussion of mobile sites vs. apps, and sites like Room77, hoteltonight.com and other niche hospitality distribution sites will either take hold or fail, depending on the market. Read More »

[Automatic Minibars] Automatic Revenue

Written by: Bruno Agrario

The latest generation of automatic minibar technology is simplifying hotel operations while improving guest satisfaction and enhancing the hotel’s bottom line

For decades, the minibar has been a staple of hotel guestrooms, from mid-scale chain properties to luxurious independent resorts. But as minibars have proliferated in the industry, so too have its operational challenges.

Fortunately, tech-forward hoteliers are discovering ways to streamline minibar operations and increase guest satisfaction, while maximizing profits through automated minibar technology.

Automatic minibars are simpler to manage, enhance a hotel’s cache with guests and increase operational efficiency. Most importantly, automatic minibars offer profit potential that traditional manual minibars just can’t match.

Following are some common challenges that hoteliers have faced with traditional manual minibars, with explanations about how the automatic minibar is changing the paradigm for this important hotel offering. Read More »

Ask the Experts: Derek Wood

Written by: Administrator

Derek Wood is managing director of Derek Wood Associates, Ltd., an independent hospitality consultancy and training company based in the U.K. With over 25 years of experience, Wood is a frequent speaker at HITEC and a director on the HFTP Global Board.

How is in-room technology changing? How will it evolve over the next two to five years?

In-room technology is positively ‘leaping’ forward. There are some really great new technologies being introduced each year. Over the next two to five years we will see the complete integration of TV and mobile applications, as well as see 3D TV come of age. We will also see the requirement for bandwidth increase — no big surprise there I guess!

Name three areas within hospitality technology that are evolving the most? Read More »

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