5 Superhero Tools You Can Access through Your HFTP Membership

Written By: Susan Savkov

It is a busy world out there, especially in the hospitality industry. Some days it feels like you are a career superhero – juggling finance or technology duties (sometimes both), balancing budgets, searching for hospitality trends and staying one step ahead of the competition. However, even superheroes need help sometimes, so do not fear for there is good news. With Your HFTP® membership, you have access to the tools, connections and resources when and where you need it.

You do not need a cape or special gear. Whether you are a new or longtime HFTP member, below are five tools through your HFTP membership which can boost your skills (and you look like the superhero at your job).

1) Access to Meaningful Connections

  • Even superheroes have a partner or sidekick they can rely on. We look to relationships we build every day personally and professionally. People who support you, understand your industry and work alongside you. Through HFTP, you can connect with 5,200 members worldwide (and growing). Talk about an incredible amount of sidekicks you can reach out to anytime.

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  • If you have not already logged into HFTP’s new online platform, Community@HFTP, you will want to. Take a moment to see the conversations taking place, join a group discussion, ask a question and share your insights.
  • Expand your network and build face-to-face connections at HFTP local, regional and international events and industry partner educational conferences.
HFTP membership allows you to make meaningful connections across the globe.

2) Access to Research

  • Batman gathered data and research to help him make decisions before he headed out to do his crime fighting. As a member, you have access to quality articles, studies and research through the HFTP Americas and Asia Research Centers. The superhero teams at the HFTP Americas and Asia Research Centers provide comprehensive research on a variety of industry topics helping you stay ahead.

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3) Access to Reporting

  • As a career superhero, you are busy and may not have time to search for hot industry topics such as data security, changing labor laws and mobile payments. You need the knowledge yesterday. HFTP brings trends, reports and much more from top hospitality thought leaders straight to members — giving you more time to plan and be ready for any challenge.

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PineappleSearch.com is the world’s first hospitality-specific search engine – mobile app available via iTunes App Store and/or Google Play.

4) Access to Common/Best Practices

  • Any superhero is committed to building their fundamental techniques and methods to achieve the best results. HFTP actively develops and supports projects to make hospitality common practices widely available to the industry and our members.

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  • One of the FREE tools HFTP developed for our members is the Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices (GHACP). GHACP provides an online, searchable database used to identify common practices for hotel and club management reporting.
  • HFTP’s quarterly journal, The Bottomline features articles on the latest best practices and information written by expert practitioners.

5) Access to Career Advancement

  • Some superheroes have additional titles given to them. “The Man of Steel” has been used to describe Superman or “The Caped Crusader” for Batman. Our members can get the superhero titles of CHAE and CHTP added to their names. The Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE®) and Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP®) are the only hospitality-specific designations globally recognized for setting industry standards for finance and technology professionals. Plus, they are only offered through HFTP.

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As a hospitality finance or technology superhero, you do not have to go it alone. HFTP is there beside its members as their partner helping them to find solutions to the unique challenges they face each day. We want to see HFTP members fly to new heights in their careers and cheer them on each step of the way.

If you have any questions about your HFTP membership, please call the HFTP Global office at (800) 646-HFTP (4387) US or email membership@hftp.org.

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webinarSusan Savkov is the HFTP Membership Marketing Manager. Contact Susan at Susan.Savkov@hftp.org or +1 (512) 220-4028.

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