As a Benefit to HFTP Members, Hospitality Industry Leaders Share their Expertise in All Kinds of Ways

Written By: Susan Savkov

No one person can possibly have all of the answers they need to do their jobs or run their business, especially in the hospitality industry. Challenges arise, new opportunities present themselves and, well, searching the internet can be “hit or miss.”

Rather than having you scour the internet endlessly for information, HFTP strives to give our members access to a wide variety of industry experts and hospitality veterans in a multitude of ways that help bring the latest, most important information straight to you.

These hospitality-specific specialists are recruited throughout the year to provide their valuable expertise to HFTP members — as educational speakers, webinar presenters, association council-members, blog-writers, researchers and more.

HFTP is a network of veritable experts in the hospitality industry. Take advantage of your HFTP membership and tap into this network of industry knowledge in any or all of the following ways.

Read a Blog Post

Here is a list of “Ask the Expert” blog posts that have been published on HFTP Connect in 2018:

Fun with Fraud: A Serious Topic Examined by the Expert in an Entertaining Way — Hospitality finance expert Jerry Trieber, CPA, CHAE, CFE, CFF, CGMA explores fraud and employee embezzlement in an unexpected way.

Multiple Ways to Reach an Ethical Conclusion — Thomas Smith, CHAE presents real-life ethical scenarios alongside his co-presenters Daniel Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM and Wendy Robinson, CHAE.

How to Connect in an Over-Distracted World (Lessons from Leaders in Human Behavior— Curt Steinhorst and Colette Carlson are experts in the field of human behavior. They explore the issues of distraction and disconnection in the modern workplace and the true value of genuine, personal connections.

Emerging Technology, Guest-Facing Technology and Investing in Technology — Ahead of HITEC Houston 2018, hospitality technology experts Raj Singh, Dave Berkus and Ted Horner shed light on the topics of emerging technologies, investing in technology and guest-facing technology.

Imminent Issues and Automation in Club Accounting — Philip Newman, CPA, CIA, CGMA and Bill Boothe are hospitality finance experts who share their knowledge on potential pitfalls in accounting standards and the importance of financial automation, respectively.

Immigration Enforcement Measures Shine Spotlight on Hospitality Industry — Immigration attorney Keith Pabian explains new immigration enforcement measures affecting the hospitality industry in the United States, particularly in regards to new H-2B initiatives.

Trust and the Success of Your Club or Hotel — Monique MacKinnon is an industry innovator and motivational speaker who explores how financial controllers can positively influence the well-being of their customers and stakeholders.

Watch a Webinar

You can learn everything you need to know about HFTP webinars by reading this recent blog post.

As an HFTP member, you have access to an archive of all webinars hosted in 2018. A wide variety of topics were addressed this year including: the accounting process, VAT implementation, GDPR, ethics, disaster planning and recovery, social media ROI, tax reform, immigration law, employee engagement, budget automation, Blockchain and more. You can also see a schedule of upcoming webinars on the HFTP website.

Have a webinar topic you think would be of interest to members and industry professionals? Submit your proposal for consideration here.

Attend a Professional Development Event

Many of our webinar presenters and blog-writers host their own educational sessions at an HFTP event like HITEC or Annual Convention. HFTP produces a variety of events across the globe to provide members with exceptional professional development opportunities, education, networking, and a forum for exploring the latest hospitality technology.

These events are an excellent opportunity to connect with field experts face-to-face. Visit the HFTP website for a complete list of HFTP conferences and events. Various speaking opportunities are available at HFTP events, as well.

Log onto Community@HFTP

As an HFTP member, you have access to an online forum of thousands of fellow hospitality professionals called Community@HFTP — a great opportunity for you to ask your questions and get advice from industry experts. Check out this blog post for all of the details on this valuable membership benefit and log onto Community@HFTP today.

Get Certified with an Experienced Advisor

HFTP created the Certification Advisory Program (CAP) to assist CHAE and CHTP certification applicants through the respective exam process with one-on-one support from an experienced advisor. HFTP members in active designee status can apply for consideration to be an advisor.

If you are interested in seeking one of these professional designations offered by HFTP for hospitality finance and technology, be sure to take advantage of the CAP program and the expertise offered by an active CHAE or CHTP designee.

Find a Consultant

HFTP offers a comprehensive, searchable directory exclusively to its members who might be in need of professional consulting services. Listed consultants come from all over the globe and specialize in various areas of finance and technology expertise within the hospitality industry. Find out how you can access the consultant directory by reading this blog post.

Questions? If there is a topic that you would like to have addressed by a hospitality expert, please email your request to for consideration.

Susan Savkov is the HFTP Membership Marketing Manager. Contact Susan at or +1 (512) 220-4028.

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