ASK is not an acronym.

ASK is what we need to do more.

So many hospitality professionals arrive to their workplaces with enthusiasm and passion.

We are proud of what we do and where we work.

We have embraced the challenges of our organizations as merely complications, not limitations.

We commit fully.

We engage with purpose and integrity.

We influence others to their highest potential.

What we do is who we are.

So why don’t we ASK?

As HFTP members, we have access to training at the helm of our industry — technology, leadership, worldwide trends and more are all available to us.

We can choose to be at our own desks for this training, yet we have access to a greater network beyond our corporations and brands.

This network stretches across the globe and can be face-to-face for us: If we just ASK.

If you have not ASKed yet, get started today.

Check out the cost to attend a conference. Get it into your budgets this year.

HITEC 2012 — the largest hospitality technology conference in the world — is right around the corner and a great place to get started in this journey.

ASK to become an HFTP member (attend an HFTP conference this year, including HITEC, and you save $100 off your registration fee by becoming a new member of HFTP).

You would do this for your colleague. But now it is time for you: Time that you get clear about what you want and what you need to be renewed and continue in this dynamic industry of hospitality.

Just ASK.

Then…keep ASKing.

Esther Fullen is controller of two hotels for Charlton Resorts in Banff, Alberta, Canada. She is the chair of the HFTP Social Media Advisory Council and is active with the HFTP Southern Alberta Chapter. You can follow her on Twitter @EstherFullen.

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