Basic hotel services for tourists

Working in the hotel and restaurant market means to offer tourists and customers from all over the world the best services of all times. This is due to the fact that today people tend to expect always more comfort from a hotel accommodation.

Downtown in Vegas, for example, most hotels offer a luxury 5 star casino inside and a couple swimming pools (one inside and one outside).

Typical basic services

Normally, hotels are divided into 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels or less stars. These classification depends from the kind of services included in the hotel accommodation packages.      Hotel waiter

The size and location of each hotel contributes also to define the number of stars. And size and location also influence the number of available services: without doubts, a large hotel will offer tourists more services than a small one.

The typical basic services include the reception guests, room service, food service (from bar to restaurant in the hotel), security service and laundry service.

Other services most hotels include are massage room, fitness gyms, conference room, and sometimes a cinema or casino service. Some hotels also include a disco room and a few more additional services, like tourist guides.

Additional hotel services

Recently, the hotel industry decided to introduce TV, internet and telephone in the hotel rooms, so to meet the expectations of more customers who don’t want to give up the comfort of a cable TV and wireless connection to the web.

For many customers, it’s important to have the chance to connect to the web. Today, more people are connected to social medias and have more than just one profile on different social networks. There are also people who don’t have a social media profile, but like to check online news from the web.

For other customers, the internet is basic to play games. Actually, today most casino games can be easily found in the web. Canadian gamblers and all those who want a trustworthy and authorized casino where to play, this link will be really helpful.

For the free time

Think about going on a vacation. You are in the hotel after visiting museums or natural resorts and you can finally have some rest. Probably, a nice roulette game will be the best mate of your evenings.

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Advantages of playing online

Online gamblers can take full advantage of the generous welcome bonus offered by each Canadian casino. All you have to do in order to receive the welcome bonus is to register your real player account (you can do this directly on the home page of the casino, just check the buttons) and make your 1st deposit to the casino.

This will make eligible to get the welcome bonus, which in most cases is a 100% bonus of the value of your deposit.

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