Career Management in the Digital Era: Are You a Member of The Denovati?

Career Development in the Digital AgeAs the Digital Era continues to evolve, professionals face all kinds of new challenges. It doesn’t matter what their professional discipline is or what stage of their career they are in.

Although specific requirements will vary, all professionals are increasingly expected to develop their digital competencies and have a working knowledge of each of the four big technology trends: Social (social media and other social technologies), Mobile (smart phones and tablets), Analytics (including big data) and Cloud computing (both for proprietary systems and software as a service (SaaS)).

The required digital competencies fall into six main areas:

  • Concepts: Ideas unique to the Digital Era or that take on new meaning in the Digital Era
  • Tools: Specific enabling technologies or applications of technology
  • Platforms: Environments in which multiple social technologies are leveraged for specific purposes
  • Skills: Capabilities unique to the Digital Era or that take on new meaning in the Digital Era
  • Tactics: Specific means of leveraging digital technologies to achieve goals and objectives
  • Management: Issues and challenges related to the development of digital technology strategies and plans including governance, risk, and human capital considerations

In addition to meeting new competency requirements, professionals increasingly have to provide the same level of care and attention to their identities in cyberspace as they do to their presence and reputation in the physical world, especially when they are looking for their next career opportunity. Considerations include:

  • Establishing and managing their digital professional brand
  • Defining personal and professional boundaries and protecting their privacy
  • Leveraging digital tools and technology to achieve goals
  • Bridging the physical and digital worlds

The upshot of all the new requirements and expectations are that people have to start thinking about themselves in new ways. For HFTP members in particular, that means that in addition to considering yourselves finance and technology professionals, you must also think about yourselves as members of The Denovati (day-no-VAH-tee).  Denovati is translated roughly as follows:

  • DE = Digital Era
  • NOV = short for novani, the Latin term for colonists, immigrants, new residents…
  • ATI = those who seek knowledge and/or are in the know

Put another way, The Denovati are Digital Era explorers, pathfinders and immigrants who seek to understand and effectively leverage new social and digital technologies.

On April 25, 2013, I will be presenting an HFTP webinar on the most important issues that professionals need to consider to enhance their career and job search success in the Digital Era. I hope you’ll join us to learn more.

In the meantime, you can learn more about The Denovati at

Courtney Hunt

Courtney Shelton Hunt, PhD is the Founder and Principal of The Denovati Group, which enhances the success of individuals and organizations in the Digital Era through research, thought leadership and guidance, consulting and training services, and a professional community that fosters communication and collaboration.

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