Certification Achieved: One Applicant’s Story of Success with New Platform

“Through hard work and dedication, my certification has been accomplished,” says Bernadette Mukuka Ceant, CHAE, who works in accounts receivables at Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club.

Bernadette has been a member of HFTP for many years. She has always believed that knowledge and experience in her career is of paramount importance. For her, that meant obtaining her Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE®) designation — and those four important letters that now follow her name, boosting her professional credibility.

The CHAE is offered by HFTP and is the only professional certification available that is exclusive to hospitality finance professionals. HFTP also offers the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP®) for hospitality technology professionals.

Bernadette found her success with obtaining her CHAE designation on HFTP’s new certification platform, which just launched December 2019 after HFTP selected Ascend as its new certification exam education partner.

Ascend’s platform provides CHAE and CHTP exam candidates with one online portal where they can go to strengthen their test-taking skills through practice exams, review a variety of study resources, take the exam and receive their electronic certificate. 

Bernadette has outlined her journey using the platform and how its new structure helped her successfully pass the CHAE exam online:

Collect Your Study Materials and Resources

“First, I gathered all of my study materials from the online PowerPoint presentations, the podcasts, webinars, seminars, and online review series,” Bernadette advises.

To make this process as easy and convenient as possible for applicants, HFTP now offers most of these resources on the new platform. All in one place, you have access to the review slides, archived webinars, podcasts and practice tests.

Enroll in the CAP Program

“After attempting the CHAE many times by myself in the past, I also knew that I needed to enroll in the Certification Advisory Program (CAP), which I highly recommend,” suggests Bernadette. The CAP program pairs certification applicants with an experienced advisor who provides one-to-one and/or group guidance and supplemental reviews to help with the exam.

As she recounts: “My CAP advisor, Jonathon Goodman, was there from beginning to end, encouraging me continuously, being supportive when I felt overwhelmed, and guiding me through the review sessions.” And, she reiterates, “I strongly recommend the CAP program, as I found it extremely helpful in attaining the CHAE.”

Study Hard and Take the Practice Tests

The new platform divides the certification exam into sections. “I reviewed each section in depth,” Bernadette says, “and when I did not understand a topic, I turned toward my CAP advisor Jonathon to give me guidance.

“I also took the review tests many times in order to hone in on the areas that I needed to improve upon before taking the final exam.”

A helpful tip: Before you dive into your study resources, try taking the first practice test without studying and see what you know. It will help you identify your strengths, as well as the areas you should really focus on when you start to study.

Then, take the second practice test after you have spent time absorbing the study material. Benchmark your results from the second practice test against the first, mark your progress, and identify the areas that need improvement.

Take the Exam… When You Are Ready

The final certification exam can be taken directly on the Ascend platform. Upon successful completion of the exam, certificants will receive a visual digital badge that can be added to their social media profiles.

For Bernadette, this badge is both literal and symbolic of all her hard work. “The CHAE certification is the badge of honor I am now able to carry alongside the top leaders in the hospitality industry. It is a real honor to be counted among their ranks.”

Finally, Keep Up with Continuing Education

It is important to remember that the certification journey does not end for Bernadette, or for any other certificant, simply after passing the final exam. “I will continue to promote my certification,” Bernadette says, “and also continue with the educational requirements to maintain my certification.”

The CHAE and CHTP require ongoing maintenance and continuing education that is submitted every two years once the designation is attained. There are several ways that you can earn continuing education (CPE ) credits, including: HFTP-sponsored events, approved non-sponsored events, HFTP ProLinks webinars and published industry articles. Go online to learn more.

Other Platform Features Worth Mentioning

The new platform not only provides convenience and effortless access to most of the review resources offered by HFTP all in one place — it has also allowed HFTP to simplify the pricing structure for exam preparation and certification.

The new pricing structure is as follows:

  • HFTP Member: $675 USD. This includes two practice exams, review slides, archived webinars, podcasts and the exam.
  • HFTP Non-member: $1,075 USD. This price includes the same resources as above.

In addition, the platform is readily accessible on mobile devices, desktops and tablets.

Questions? For more information on how you can apply for certification and take advantage of the new certification platform, please email certification@hftp.org.

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