Countdown to Opportunity: The Club & Hotel Controllers Conference 2018

Written By: Laura Resco, official event guest blogger for the HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference 2018

One of the most important jobs of a graduate student is to produce original research that furthers the existing knowledge within an industry. Unfortunately, that is not an easy task. In the first place, one must find a topic that is not only academically interesting but also relevant to professionals. Moreover, there is always the hurdle of data availability. Finally, the result of the research should be a feasible solution to a current problem. In light of this, how can students keep up with such a dynamic industry as hospitality?

As a graduate student myself, I believe that associations like HFTP play a major role by providing varied research resources, ranging from articles and reports to industry certifications. But more importantly, they organize conferences and events worldwide, which are fantastic breeding grounds for creativity and inspiration when it comes to research. There is no other scenario where students are exposed to such numerous and diverse presentations by industry leaders. The latest developments, trends in standards and procedures, current and (anticipated) future issues — everything is comprised in the same place and within a few days. Networking also becomes easier due to the welcoming and informal setting of these events. The opportunity to talk to experienced professionals about the industry and hearing their advice regarding career development is extremely valuable.

For all these reasons, it is my privilege to attend the 2018 HFTP Club & Hotel Controllers Conference. Specifically, I cannot wait for the sessions that deal with technological change and its repercussions on the consumers’ experience and data security. I think that this is a challenge that is here to stay and if anything, will continue to become more and more difficult to tackle as online transactions evolve. That is why Fighting the Good Fight: How Merchants are Grappling with Cybersecurity and Fraud and Hot Topics in Club Technology are at the top of my priority list.

A related and also very relevant topic is how to measure investment in technology and its actual cost. The session IT Costs in the Lodging Industry – How do We Measure Up? will present data on this issue, and I am sure the discussion will inspire a diversity of research questions for the future. Finally, I think that the Practical Ethics session is a must because it covers a topic that is present in every decision we make, no matter what our role in the hospitality industry is.

In just a few more days, these and many other interesting sessions will be available at the 2018 HFTP Club & Hotel Controllers Conference. I hope to see all of you there to hear your thoughts on this exciting and dynamic industry!

Laura Resco is a graduate student at the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the official event guest blogger at the HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference (CHCC) 2018. This event takes place June 18–20, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas USA.


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