Dressed to Impress

At this hospitality conference I found technology solutions to problems I did not know I had. I found technology solutions to problems I will have. If I am smart and stay on the path.

I have been to other types of conferences before like home and garden shows where there are lots of fountains and building materials and such. Tradesmen there dress in plaid flannel shirts, jeans and steel toed boots. Or an art show where the attendees wear beige khaki and sensible shoes and worry about whether or not there is room on the wall they have in mind for a particular painting. I was mildly amused at the styles that were sported by the HITEC crowd. And also impressed by the overall well groomed showing of most of the people who showed up from all around the world. I think the guys must have gotten in touch with each other before the show and determined what color shirts they would all wear.

Pastels with little squares are in, not quite plaid, plaid-ish almost, and light blue sport shirts with tiny white pin stripes. Square toed loafers, jeans and dark jackets. Loafers? Are they called loafers? Business shoes? I don’t know. But I did see Jimmy Choo shoes and Louis Vuitton stilettos worn by lovely ladies in sleek stylish business suit too. But, there was some kind of quantum rift there because I don’t think they were attending the same conference, simultaneously present, but somehow worlds apart. My favorite was the woman who was handing out popcorn. She was the woman in red.

HITEC was not all about technology. It was a good excuse to go to Minneapolis in June. The convention center did not have much for food, but the Nicollet Mall had awesome restaurants with just about any style of food you may desire. They were only a very nice short walk through the green, luscious city.

The Grand Casino’s hotel and technology teams showed up on Wednesday and we had a breakaway meeting with the Agilysys team. Agilysys rocks! I also found a new product I am looking forward to test driving with another software company, which I am not ready to share right now as I do not want to reveal my secret too soon. I am pretty sure our competitors don’t know it exists yet. That is the real advantage to attending this event. I will just say this much, “Hey you! Get off of my cloud.”

HITEC next year will be in LA. I have been to the City of Angels many times. The people will be awesome and you are sure to find plenty of good food too!

Thank you HFTP.

Patty O’Brien is Central Reservations Manager for one of Minnesota’s favorite gaming destinations Manager Grand Casinos. She is always on the lookout for technology and programs that will increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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