EHTEC@HOSPACE: Focusing on European Technology Issues

Modern hotel guests often expect the same comforts as home when they travel. And while the world continues to converge and hospitality technology becomes more accessible, there are still regions of the world that face technology challenges different than others.
Europe is one hot spot in the industry that has a unique set of issues that aren’t found in other parts of the world.

European Hoteliers Face Unique IT Challenges

In Europe, hospitality professionals must deal with various taxation rules, currency, vendors, information security, cultures and more as they cross borders to do business in each country.

Another major difference is the wide variety of hoteliers in Europe. While there are large hotel chains doing business in Europe, there are also many independent and small businesses running hotels throughout Europe. This poses a challenge in raising the awareness of technology available to these hoteliers.

Smaller hoteliers also have to worry about financing technology for their businesses to keep up with the larger chains. With guests bringing their own technology into their guest space hotels now more than ever before are expected to provide seamless integration with the home technologies which can put a heavy burden on IT budgets.

HFTP Tackles the Tough Technology Challenges

Since 2007, HFTP has been trying to address these and other issues European hoteliers face through the European Hospitality Technology Educational Conference (EHTEC). This year, the conference is co-located with another leading European conference – Hospitality Professionals Association Conference & Exposition (HOSPACE), which is produced by HOSPA (‘Hospitality Professionals Association’ for Finance, Revenue Management and IT) — formerly known as BAHA (British Association of Hospitality Accountants).

And for the price of one, hospitality professionals can attend both conferences. HOSPACE on November 24 and EHTEC@HOSPACE on November 25, both at Sofitel London Heathrow, Terminal 5 in London.

While, HOSPACE will focus on a wide variety of hospitality hot topics, EHTEC@HOSPACE will focus just on technology issues geared towards Europeans. Here is the list of education topics for EHTEC@HOSPACE:

  • How Does Technology Generate Revenue or Does I.T.? with Kirsten Molle, Ted Horner, Sr., Derek Wood, Clive Taylor, Juan Aguirre, Garry Howe and Rupert Gutteridge
  • PCI for Hospitality: Resources for Protecting Cardholder Data with Jeremy King
  • Cloud Computing with James England and Michael Levie
  • Ask the Experts with Ian Millar, CHTP, John Grew, James England, Michael Levie and Wibecke Vinke

HFTP has collected leaders in the European hospitality technology marketplace to help address these issues in a one day conference filled with timely education. Ranging from generating revenue to simply asking the experts EHTEC@HOSPACE will provide a space for hospitality professionals to come together and discuss the challenges on their radars now and in the near future.

Register for the Conferences

It’s not too late to register and join us for this in-depth look at the European hospitality technology space. Visit or call +44 1202 889430 to register for both conferences.

Steven Stout, CAE, is director of meetings and special events for HFTP.

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