Epiblogue — Annual Convention 2013

It definitely was a challenge to wake up early on Saturday morning, after a great evening of celebration, food and dance  the night before at the President’s Evening gala and get in learning mode. But when the coffee and Dr. Pepper set in, I found some great ideas from Mike Flint’s presentation on labor management. It is quite important to update schedules and to review them daily against actual hours worked. Failure to react, results in higher labor costs and affects profitability— and this is all about reviewing a simple employee schedule. Next up was a presentation on being an Asset Manager. This sparked my curiosity as I have never worked with one in my career. But Nick Bonrepos and Ben Matanga provided great insights that bridged both hotel assets and real investment gaps for a better understanding of how both these areas go hand-in-hand.

It was a great end to the conference knowing that the keynote speaker, Craig Karges, did not destroy Earl Davis’, CHAE, $100 bill and that our member from San Francisco earned another $100 bill for his troubles. But since we were reminded to ignite our intuition for our last event, I am still trying to tie-in my word association with name association starting with “One” to “gun” and “two” with “shoe”. I will get the hang of this one of these days.

One thing that I sought to do at this conference was to reconnect with some of our members like you. Learning innovative and interesting topics was certainly a treat. When I left Dallas, it was not just the end of one successful convention, but the beginning of our road to New Orleans for the next year’s event. I return to San Francisco with so much to share with my colleagues in the Northern California/San Francisco chapter. I hope that you are able to share your experiences with your chapter and your staff as well. Awesome starts now, and we will reconvene in the Big Easy for 2014.

Tony has been an hotel accounting and financial professional since 1994, he held positions such as night audit manager, staff accountant, assistant controller, controller andCFO with companies such as Hilton, IHG, Coastal Hotel Group and Marin Management, Inc. Currently, Tony is the president of the Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) Chapter.

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