[Fan Girl Moment] The Evolution of Dance

YouTube has been a great source of entertainment and resource for uploading personal videos since 2005.

One of my favorite videos of all time on YouTube is “The Evolution of Dance.” If you’ve been living under a cyber-rock the past five years, this video is a rendition of the last 50 years of famous dance moves. At one point, it was the most popular video on YouTube and currently has over 180 million views.

I don’t think I can pick a favorite part of “The Evolution of Dance.” At first I’d say it is the Brady Brunch dance….but no, I really like the Michael Jackson dances….oh Kung Fu fighting and Vanilla Ice too! I could go on and on.

The Man Behind the Dance

Imagine my surprise when I learned earlier this year that the Evolution of Dance guy had a name…and that he was inspirational speaker Judson Laipply! Even better? He did his famous dance at the end of his speaking engagements!

I immediately sent a text message to Linnet Baskett, HFTP’s meeting planner for the Annual Convention & Tradeshow. I told her she needed to look into Judson Laipply for one of the keynote sessions for 2011. That’s when she told me that he was already on the list! I was so excited when I heard the Education Advisory Council thought he’d make a great speaker and chose him to be the Opening Keynote for the 2011 HFTP Annual Convention & Tradeshow.

Focus on What You Can Change – Not on What You Can’t Control

But the Education Advisory Council didn’t pick him just because of his famous dance – they picked him because he’s known for inspiring attendees by using humor.

Before breaking out in a dance, he’ll present “Life is Change,” where he talks about how we are in the constant presence of change. And he’ll show us how to stop worrying about the things we can’t control and focus on what we can change. I know this is something we can all relate to — not only in our work environments, but in our personal lives as well.

And if we laugh along the way? That’s even better!

My Inner Fan Girl Might Come Out

I’ve been with HFTP for almost five years now and this will be the first time I attend the Annual Convention & Tradeshow. And honestly, I don’t think it could’ve happened at a better time.

I’m excited to experience the convention for the first time live and in person because I’ve heard what a fun event it is. But I’m REALLY excited to see Judson’s “Life is Change” keynote session Thursday morning.

Since the popularity of the first Evolution of Dance, Judson has added in new songs and changed up his routine. So who knows what songs will pop up during his performance on Thursday. Which song do you hope he dances to?

For those of you not able to attend the Annual Convention & Tradeshow, here’s a video of what you’re  missing:

Click here to watch “The Evolution of Dance” on YouTube.

Katy Walterscheidt is the PR & social media manager for HFTP. She is also the editor of HFTP Connect, the hospitality  professional blog. You can reach her by e-mail at katy.walterscheidt@hftp.org.

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