Future Hospitality Technology – ASIMO’s Competition

During my GUESTROOM 20X presentations and demonstrations on potential future hospitality technologies, I often talk about ASIMO — Honda’s robot that can run, walk up and down stairs, make eye contact and remember you years later after only having one conversation with you. It seems that ASIMO, created in Japan, finally has some real competition.

Created at Aalborg University’s Gemonoid Lab, the Gemonoid/HR is a twin-robot designed to resemble a living person.  According to their web site, “ The lab will be the home of a gemonoid, a human-like robot, modeled over the director of AAU’s Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology, Associate Professor, Henrik Scharfe.  The purpose of the lab is to systematically investigate certain aspects of Human Robot Interaction.”

Can you imagine a general manager who worked 24 hours a day, never made a mistake and could create miraculous solutions to complex problems?  If so, this might be what he looks like:

Frank Wolfe, CAE is the CEO of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). He often speaks on future technologies through the GUESTROOM 20X program. Follow him on Twitter @frankwolfe.

Photo courtesy of Geminoid|DK.

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