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This is the first post in a series highlighting HFTP membership. New members that join before June 30 save $50 off their membership fees.

Chances are that you are a serious type and you are in a position that demands it. Technology advancements and economy shifts are impacting your world at a rapid pace. Not many know that you love a good laugh. Do you even have a funny bone in your body? Of course you do. You have passions outside of the work place and are likely looking for more balance in life. Many others nearby are in this struggle with you.

Going Local Can Help You Find Your Voice

HFTP events are a perfect escape for you. Go Local to a place where controllers and IT professionals are encouraged to share their challenges and are fully supported to find solutions. With HFTP, all members have a voice.

For me, I was having challenges at every turn. Balancing was just the beginning and no one was “getting it.” HFTP helped me to take the reigns of control back from other managers in our operation. It wasn’t okay that the tax wasn’t balancing: the system had to be in my control and not at the whim of others. It wasn’t okay that the revenue forecasting was slowly diminishing. The company needed my input and support to the sales team to build programs that supported higher projections. With HFTP, I gained the confidence to make certain demands that allowed me to bring the balance back: at work and in life.

HFTP Fulfills Various Needs

When I have an experience like this, it’s not easy to keep it to myself. I felt motivated to bring others in and encourage them to succeed. As I attended meetings at my local chapter, the HFTP Southern Alberta Chapter, I would notice  newcomers with their faces of anticipation. Each person brought a need with them. Some just needed friendship. Others needed instruction and support in their latest challenge.

Whatever their need, there was an HFTP member who listened. It didn’t stop there. The executive and members were ready to act and reach out with a helping hand. In some cases we held special meetings and invited guest speakers to address the issues. Some times we could simply direct them to the answers; other times we would brainstorm together to find our answers.

Allow Some Time for You

Every day brings us new challenges and we like to keep current. This year our chapter’s education lineup includes topics like social media in the workplace, insurance, risk assessment, costing and whatever else might surface for us. It helps to Go Local first to meet our regional and personal challenges.

Our chapter chooses to have fun while we learn. We allow heckling and friendly teasing, and the jokes are rarely about taxes. We find time to socialize with a golf tournament every year… (and I’m not a golfer). We find that laughter is a great way to release tension, so we like to spend time in laughter. We witness long, despairing faces turn to grins from ear to ear. When we Go local, we can really connect.

I encourage you to Go local. Allow yourself some time for you: get out to the meetings and fun events and before long, you too will find reasons to contribute. As you do, you will notice subtle changes in your life: More support, more confidence, more smiles, laughter and more balance from day to day.

We are interested in your reasons to Go Local with HFTP!

Esther Fullen has been a member of HFTP since 2006. HFTP Southern Alberta Chapter received the Chapter of the Year two times during her three years serving as a chapter executive. She is currently supporting the local chapter as Past President and serves the association globally as a member of the Social Media council. In her 15th year of tenure, she is controller of two hotels for Charlton Resorts in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Photo courtesy of Banff Lake Louise Tourism

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