Golf Course of the Future – Driverless Golf Carts

If you have ever been around golf courses, you have likely seen golfers do some pretty creative driving of their golf carts. They run into things, get lost, turn them over and drive them into restricted areas. But there are two groups — one at the Free University of Berlin and another at Google — who might have a solution to this problem.

These groups are working on the creation of the first autonomous (aka — driverless) cars. The cars use video cameras, sensors and global positioning systems (GPS) to safely drive themselves. Google has safely tested their cars by “driving” them over 150,000 miles and have had only one accident, when the car was rear ended at a signal light.

Once perfected, this technology (with a few adjustments) could change golf carts forever. Imagine a golf course in the future with no lost golfers. And if a group needs to speed up, you can signal the cart and no more slow play.

You won’t see these next year, but an autonomous golf cart could be just a decade away. After all, the group in Germany already created an Autonomous Taxi.

Frank Wolfe, CAE is the CEO of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). He often speaks on future technologies through the GUESTROOM 20X program, including the new GUESTROOM 20X Golf. Follow him on Twitter @frankwolfe.

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  1. That is crazy, Thanks for sharing Frank. I still Llamas as caddies are the way to go. Did I mention my cousin raises llamas? 🙂

  2. Hey Frank, long time no chat . . . what a great concept, thanks for sharing . . . but I still like the “Segway” people movers! DL

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