Healthy Work Habits to Reduce Costly Workplace Injuries

Written by: Dr. Barry Carlin, HFTP 2019 Annual Convention speaker

Many hospitality properties have been trying to solve the expensive and disruptive workplace injury problem with little, or often only temporary, relief. Now, imagine predictable injury reductions and productivity improvements greater than you thought possible, sustained indefinitely.

My session Healthy Work Habits: The Secret to Reduce Workers Comp Injury Costs at the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention this October will present the elements of a proprietary program that delivers an average injury cost reduction of 50-90 percent sustained over time.

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This session will be a journey, presenting the step-by-step implementation of this system in a series of case studies that will include housekeeping, food & beverage and golf course maintenance —traditionally the highest risk departments. Of the two case studies we will examine, one had a workers’ comp reduction of $1 million in the first year, and the other was reduced from $2.4 million to $196,000 in one year. Both have been sustained for over four years (thus far).

Every part of the system is a necessary element to provide total success sustained for years. Most assume we just teach safe and efficient physical habits — and we do. But, the truly important part of the system influences workers and supervisors to apply these habits while also creating a supportive work environment and positive culture.

The system will address:

  • Behavior modification. How can you train your workers to understand how they can benefit from working the healthier way, and why they should make the change?
  • Useful adjustments. Employees learn how to adjust their equipment, techniques and posture for better physical health in the workplace.
  • Self-care. Employees learn new 3-second, self-care techniques to prevent and treat work-related discomforts.
  • Leadership. Supervisors learn how to apply practical, simple and effective leadership skills.
  • Keep it going. Supervisors learn how to put systems in place that will remind and influence staff to apply the new healthy work habits daily and for years to come.
  • Be supportive. Finally, learn how to create a supportive work environment and happier workforce with more positive attitudes.

Why is it so important for businesses to think ahead and have a plan in place that reduces workplace injuries and consequently, workers’ compensation costs? Ultimately, every hospitality organization exists to have the competitive edge and maximize profits. Reducing onsite injuries and creating a safe work environment reduces costs and boosts employee morale.

A system like the one that will be reviewed during my session at Annual Convention can have the following results:

  • Injuries reduce an average of 50-90 percent — which can result in an annual savings of $500,000 to as much as $1 million or more.
  • Workers feeling better means greater endurance and strength, thus improving productivity — which can better control or even reduce labor costs.
  • With workers having less pain and more endurance, and with the workers feeling more respected, empowered and happier than before, they are naturally nicer and more attentive to guests. This ultimately improves the guest experience.

What are some examples of things that make a department high-risk for injuries, versus low-risk? 

  • Poor maintenance of equipment, such as wheels on carts that drag or cause involuntary lateral movement.
  • Workstations or worker habits causing prolonged or repetitive bending (spinal flexion).
  • Supervisors communicating with workers with good intentions, but in a manner that has workers feeling disrespected.

Every attendee will be empowered to feel better, and for many eliminate a chronic discomfort such as neck pain, during the workshop. They will be competent and confident to feel and perform better in the future.

Did you know? The most common cause in all properties of the most expensive and common injury is the lumbar spinal disc injury. Attendees will learn how to prevent this prevalent injury property-wide. I will also present other techniques that you can take back to your facility and implement immediately.

You are invited to participate! All attendees are invited to present challenges from their workplace that have so far been unsolvable. We will develop solutions together on the spot. Contact me at prior to my session with any questions or challenges you would like solved.

I hope to meet many of you at the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention and see you at my session Healthy Work Habits: The Secret to Reduce Workers Comp Injury Costs. I will be available during the convention to answer any questions after my session. Feel free to speak with me and I just may show you a magic trick while we speak. See you at Annual Convention!

Dr. Barry Carlin is CEO of Best Performance Systems, Inc. and will present at the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention — taking place October 23-25, 2019 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida USA. Register to attend today.

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