[HFTP Asia Chapter] HFTP Cares, a Community Project

The HFTP Asia Student Chapter, in collaboration with a local community group — Teck Ghee Youth Executive Committee — is organizing a community outreach project to help 50 needy households on April 14.

The project’s objective is to engage the students to give back to the community.

It is also a working project for the students to experience leadership, organization, communication, finance, compassion and planning through their involvement.

The student volunteers will prepare a grocery gift pack to deliver to each household consisting of white rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice vermicelli, Hi Fibre Cracker, Instant Oatmeal, tonic drink and toilet rolls.

The organization of the project by the student chapter involves:

  1. Planning and management
  2. Volunteer recruitment and training
  3. Public relations and communication
  4. Event organization
  5. Fundraising and finance

The students are actively engaged to a successful event on April 14.  HFTP Asia Chapter members are supporting the students by volunteering, sponsoring and donating to the project.

This will be the inaugural community project by the student chapter, and it is our hope that we can sustain this project every year for the students to give back to the community.

James Lee, FCCA, CPA, is director of finance for Regent Hotel. He is a founding member of the HFTP Asia Chapter in Singapore and currently serves as the chapter’s president. He also serves as adviser to the HFTP Asia Student Chapter.

Contact James Lee if you’d like to learn more about how you can support the student chapter.

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