[HFTP Greater Puget Sound] Another Educational Success

HFTP is so much more than a “meeting on the third Thursday.”

For those of us that participate – we know that.

That’s why we’re so passionate about it.

For example:  The Greater Puget Sound Chapter, based in Seattle, Wash.,  recently held their annual half day seminar. What a success!

It’s valuable to have information on the tip of your tongue

I mean, who doesn’t want to sit in a room and discuss the Department of Labor or the Seattle Sick Leave Act or area union activity?

Then you get hit with the “stunner” that your garbage bags in the kitchen should actually be clear, not black so managers can see what is being thrown away (or actually taken away under your very eyes) – a big thanks to Steve Argo for giving us that small but important tip.

Who knew that Commitment actually creates value controlling food costs?

Then to close out – IP101 (Internet Protocol) – aren’t you on the edge of your seat now?

It is so valuable to have this information on the tip of your tongue when you’re at your property or club. Everything I learned in those five hours are applicable items to be taken away and applied at my property.

“Bye bye black garbage bags, the new kitchen fashion is clear!”

How is your chapter advancing your education?

As Google always lets me know when an HFTP posting comes around – I ask – what is your chapter doing?

The Mid-South Atlantic region hosts their conference each year. Florida is always having a golf tournament and conferences. And Seattle’s half day seminar is rocking (but not due to earthquakes).

Challenge your chapter board to take your membership to the next level and offer some incredibly valuable education that is zero-based applicable. And let your employer know that HFTP is a place where you can learn, implement and propel your property with fantastic learned cost controls.

Jessica Vint, CHAE, is regional controller for The Hotel Group in Edmonds, Wash. She is also a director on the HFTP Global Board.

HFTP Chapter leaders: Want to learn more about how you can plan your own educational event or provide unique opportunities for your chapter? Then you won’t want to miss HFTP’s Leadership Summit in October.

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