HFTP Leadership Summit is the Key to Leadership Success

One of the pillars of HFTP is the ability to network with fellow professionals from around the world.  A key to this, in my opinion, is the HFTP Leadership Summit, which is held for chapter leaders every year just prior to the Annual Convention & Tradeshow.

I have attended this event for the last seven years — starting out as an attendee, then serving as a Leadership Summit Advisory Council member and eventually as the council chair. This year I’ll be attending as the incoming HFTP Global Secretary.

I have found the Leadership Summit to be the key to my success within HFTP. The summit is geared toward helping chapters run smoothly and assisting the chapter leaders with this process. It also affords attendees an opportunity to meet fellow chapter leaders and compare war stories, brainstorm ideas and get rejuvenated as a volunteer leader for the association. The relationships I have formed have transcended HFTP and I have helped enhance me personally and professionally.

Leadership Summit Helps You Re-energize as a Volunteer Leader

Being a volunteer leader can become very frustrating and overwhelming at times. We do this work out of a love for the industry and HFTP. However, it is a non-paying job. And that is exactly what it is at times — a job.

But attending the HFTP Leadership Summit helps you realize that you are not alone. You see how others are handling their responsibilities. My chapter has returned with great ideas for chapter meetings, philanthropic endeavors and a better understanding of what is required of each chapter.

The summit has also served as a place to re-energize my efforts for HFTP. I look forward to seeing my HFTP friends at this event every year. Sometimes it is the only time of the year that I get to see them in person. I look forward to reconnecting each year and make it a goal to walk away with one new idea that I can bring back home.

I encourage all chapter leaders to make this a necessary part of their schedule and look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s leadership summit in Atlanta.  I promise you it will be worth the time and effort.

Daniel Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM, is director of finance for The Ritz Carlton Golf Club & Spa of Jupiter. He often speaks about leadership and motivation at HFTP conferences and will serve as the HFTP Global Secretary for 2011-2012.

About the Leadership Summit

HFTP’s 2011 Leadership Summit, formerly Leadership Academy, is a special event held each year to provide HFTP’s volunteer leaders and members the tools they need to succeed. It gives attendees a window into the larger organization that they are a part of and offers great ideas to bring back to your chapter. The Leadership Summit is free for HFTP members to attend. Contact Fritz Johnson, chapter relations manager, to find out how HFTP can help you get to this event.

Aren’t able to attend? The Leadership Summit will be recorded and available online after the event.

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  1. With the responsibility of Chapter President looming up for me, I attended the Leadership event. When the chapter offered to pay the travel costs for me, I was really committed to get the most from this training. Leadership connected me… to people that I otherwise would have felt intimidated by. All the serious faces turned into the welcoming hospitality members that they are and I found the support I needed. Our chapter won Chapter of the Year and Leadership was definitely where it all started.

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