HFTP Plans for Another Great Year of Education

One of the more important councils for HFTP is the Education Advisory Council, of which I had the pleasure of serving. Finding the right theme, keynote speakers and education topics for the HFTP Annual Convention and the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference are the most important tasks they face. This sets the tone for the events and what you take away from it. The council is currently planning for another fantastic year of education in 2013, so if you have any ideas for a session, please submit it to the council (submission guidelines)! You have a chance to share your knowledge and expertise with the attendees of the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference and/or the Annual Convention & Tradeshow.

My Twitter Takeaways from Orlando

This past year at the Annual Convention in Orlando, the council did a superb job with the theme and the three keynote speakers, Shawn Achor, author of the “Happiness Advantage,” Ross Shafer’s “Nobody Moved Your Cheese,” and Amanda Gore’s, “Wake Up to What Really Matters at Work and Home.” As a guest blogger, my challenge was to remember everything I could so I could relay it in a post. When I attend convention I get caught up in the message, especially with the keynote speakers; so I don’t usually take notes because I’m afraid I’m going to miss part of the message. Instead, I decided to tweet my thoughts and what I learned throughout the entire conference, in particular, the keynote speakers. It was challenging, but also a great way for me to “take notes,” and pose questions to the followers.

Below are a few tweets I’d like you to read. You can comment and tell me who you think said it. I’m sure you’ll figure out the theme that was running throughout the convention. For more tweets, you can always follow me on Twitter and go back to see what I believed was thought provoking from each keynote speaker and other speakers at the convention.

“Number one thing people want, to be recognized and acknowledged.”

“Focus on what you want to change, become aware of the fears that drive you. Repeat the new behavior, celebrate, acknowledge.”

“Do you research your competitor?”

“Think big, believe in yourself, take risks, embrace competition, take action, and follow your instincts.”

“Are you a conventional thinker or do you think outside the box?”

So, are you ready for the 2013 convention? Do you really want to miss all the fun and thought provoking, mind bending information you can possibly take, all in one place? Start planning to attend one of HFTP’s educational programs today — either the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference this June in Minneapolis or the Annual Convention & Tradeshow this October in Dallas.

And don’t forget you can still help the Education Advisory Council plan the program by submitting your presentation proposals. The deadlines are coming very soon!

Club and Hotel Controllers Conference, Deadline: December 31, 2012

Annual Convention & Tradeshow, Deadline: February 28, 2013

Contact: Linnet Basset
Meetings & Events Manager
+1 (512) 220-4018

Sharon Litchfield, CHAE is the controller at TPC Prestancia Association in Sarasota, Fla. Follow her on Twitter @slitchfield

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