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HFTP is wrapping up the 2015 summer as one of its most eventful in its history, starting off with the highly successful HITEC 2015 in June in the HFTP world headquarters city of Austin, Texas USA. Produced by HFTP, HITEC is the largest hospitality technology event, which hosted one of the highest attended shows in its 43 years, with 6,051 hospitality professionals representing 55 countries. A lot of this success is due in large part to the continued support of HFTP partners. It is through such partnerships between like-minded organizations that have brought about productive solutions, education and information-sharing within the hospitality technology community. Something that is increasingly important as the role of technology becomes essential to the function of the lodging industry.

HFTP/HITEC partners include:

Leaders and members from each of these organizations contribute to HITEC by participating on the HITEC Advisory Council, developing and speaking on the education program, and exhibiting. HFTP thanks all of its partners for their active participation in HITEC, helping it to be a continued success.

To follow up on such an incredible HITEC experience, the HFTP Global Board decided to ramp up its global activity by expanding its educational offerings on a global level. Again, this expansion will not be possible without the support of HFTP’s industry partners. Within the past two months, HFTP has announced a HITEC Asia and HITEC Europe for 2017. Coming up even sooner, HFTP has partnered with HSMAI Europe for two events: the HSMAI Europe Leadership Day on Thursday September 24, 2015 in Frankfurt and the 4th Annual Digital Marketing Conference alongside the World Travel Mart on November 5, 2015 in London.

It doesn’t stop there. HFTP has also announced that the association is currently developing and organizing CIO Summits that will take place outside of the USA during 2016 and beyond. These exclusive, invitation-only, boutique events will serve to unite the technology professionals leading the hospitality industry around the globe for the purpose of education, networking and industry growth.

See I told you it was an eventful summer. Stay tuned to the HFTP web site for news on all of these events.

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