[HITEC Guest Blogger] Meet Christina Dzingala

HFTP Connect is featuring four guest bloggers throughout HITEC 2012. The bloggers will be providing you their insights on all things HITEC. Before we get to Baltimore next week, get to know our guest bloggers.

We already met Brad More and Nicole Hockin.

Now, let’s meet Christina Dzingala.

Christina Dzingala is a sustainability strategist specializing in management, technology and communications to transform organizations. You can reach her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @CDzingala.

How many HITECs have you attended?

HITEC 2012 in Baltimore, Md. is my first HITEC conference and I am really looking forward to it. I specialize in communications, technology and sustainability – and I see a lot of exciting trends in these areas for the hospitality and tourism industry.

There is so much going on around mobile technology right now.

Travelers can pretty much do everything related to their trip with a smartphone or tablet and without having to print anything.

They can research destinations, hotels, restaurants and things to do and book their reservations online or with any number of mobile apps.  Bar codes in reservation confirmations facilitate the check in process – and scanners can read the code right from your smartphone.  Plus, travelers can share their experiences through social media and travel evaluation sites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

So, I am really excited to see the latest technology for the hospitality industry, and what hotel rooms will look like to guests around these trends.

What education sessions and topics are you looking forward to the most?

I am green at heart – so, I am really looking forward to the Green Initiatives session on Monday afternoon.

When you mention “green” and “hospitality” together, people may think of eco lodges in the wilderness. But green hospitality is really about using resources wisely to provide the best possible guest experience while reducing waste and expenses.

I am interested in discovering the latest technologies to help hotels save energy and water resources. I am especially curious to see what tools and features involve guests to make a difference vs. automatic or back-end operational tools that guests do not typically see.

What is something that you are looking forward to doing in Baltimore?

Looks like we have a pretty full conference schedule, and I don’t want to miss any of the sessions.

But, I would like to check out the new waterfront park at the National Aquarium and possibly take a cruise of the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Have you ever had a “wow” moment in hospitality technology?  If so, when and what was it?

Yes, I recently had a “wow” moment in hospitality technology. I just got back from a trip to Washington and Oregon.

As I was unpacking at home, I realized that I did not use most of the hotel room electronics (i.e., TV, phone, alarm clock, etc.) at all during the entire trip. Yet these were features that were promoted to me and I paid attention to when I was making my selections at the time. I was able to do everything I needed and wanted from my smartphone and laptop.

It really made me stop and think about the types of technology amenities and features I would look for in my airline, hotel, car rental and other travel services for my next trip.

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