HITEC Houston 2018: An Open Call for Partnership and Collaboration

Written By: Kara Heermans, an official guest blogger for HITEC Houston 2018

Getting ready to exhibit at HITEC® is one of our busiest times as a solution provider. We are configuring servers, packing miles of cable and transporting very large flat screen TVs, in addition to preparing talking points and scheduling meetings. From marketing to engineering to the logistics department, most everyone in the company has a role in producing a successful show. It would be impossible for one person or a single department to do alone.

As I see my co-workers collaborating to polish the final details, it brings to mind the convergence taking place in the hospitality industry as a whole. As technology becomes smarter, and more connected, it is requiring companies to behave similarly. From voice devices that give local recommendations to mobile apps that open doors to interactive TVs that control room temperature, we are finding opportunities where we are better together than going at it alone.

Last year at HITEC, there was a noticeable shift toward a spirit of collaboration. Disparate product categories and technology disciplines that previously did not interact, were talking to each other. There was more openness to cooperatively innovate and solve problems for mutual customers. Even companies once considered competitors were working and learning together.

I believe this is a necessary shift in our industry so that we can all deliver better guest experiences and seamless support to hoteliers. The more these collaborations happen, the greater the hotel satisfaction, and growth for the industry as a whole. So, it benefits us all.

One of the exciting things for me about HITEC is the opportunity to have leading industry minds in the same room at once. I spend most of my time in the exhibit hall having conversations. I know my company and several of our partners are bringing new products to the show floor based on discussions and relationships that started before, some that hatched at last year’s conference.

My team and I also look forward to new challenges. So, to all of the hoteliers, GMs, owners, portfolio manager, and brand executives: We would love to hear about the aspirations, pain points and brainstorms that you are dealing with on the day-to-day. And, to our current and future partners: let’s talk. Let’s see how we can work together to advance this industry even more.

In the sessions and in the exhibit hall, you will discover some fascinating technology, but everything you see is just the starting point of what is possible. The truth is, the world of connected and interdependent technology requires a team. HITEC is a great place to build yours.

Kara Heermans, vice president of product management and user experience at Sonifi Solutions, is an official guest blogger for HITEC® Houston 2018, taking place June 18–21, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas USA.

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