HITEC Super Session: Cloud Computing

No Need to Be Confused About the Cloud Any Longer Thanks to the Recorded HITEC 2011 Super Session

Isn’t everyone a little bit confused by the cloud? The HITEC 2011 educational session on cloud computing made the cloud a bit clearer to its audience a couple of weeks ago. Infor’s Javier Buzzalino, senior vice president of development, was a featured panelist at this highly attended HITEC super session.

The session included an overview on the cloud, advice on choosing a cloud vendor, a look at the architecture of the cloud and a lesson on cloud security. Though geared toward the hospitality industry, the presentation included numerous tips for anyone curious about the cloud.

As the leader of our research and development team, Buzzalino gave the audience an in-depth look at application architecture for the cloud, moving applications into the cloud, potential issues, and common practices within cloud computing.

The Four Tiers of the Cloud

A highlight of Buzzalino’s presentation was his overview of cloud architecture, during which he explained that the cloud has four tiers: The client tier or browser, and the back-end tiers—HTML, business, and database.

Buzzalino also went over multi-tenant cloud space at length, explaining the benefits, as well as the governance that should be in place to protect all members. In addition, he addressed concerns and issues with the cloud, including security.

Buzzalino’s examples made the abstract concept of the cloud seem simple and easy to understand. Check out the presentation for yourself.

View the Recording

To view a recording of the presentation, please click here. You can also view other HITEC 2011 education sessions by clicking here.

Does your company have plans to deploy solutions in the cloud? What questions do you have about cloud computing? I welcome your thoughts and questions.

David Purcell is director of Product Management, Hospitality for SoftBrands, an Infor Affiliate. Learn more from Infor Softbrands on their blog, follow them on Twitter @softbrands_hosp and network with them on LinkedIn. Or click here for more information about Infor Cloud.

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