Hotel Parking Lot Safety: The Ins & Outs

When getting ready to make a new hotel reservation, very few, if any future guests actually bother to find out what is the rate of burglaries in the area, or inquire about the presence of surveillance cameras or security guards inside or around the hotel. Also, the matter of the nearest fire escape in case of an emergency is often times left on the hands of fate. And the same goes with details such as the type of locks installed on the guest doors. In reality, very few people take the time to ask these common sense questions that could make the difference between a safe hotel stay, or heading home without their most valuable items.

But what about the parking lot that most hotels usually offer? Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases of reported vehicle theft and car break-ins that have occurred while guests were staying at a hotel. What should hotel managers do in order to keep these incidents at bay? Here are a few ideas within these next few lines below.

Unattended Cars Are Targets For Hotel Thieves

People who travel for leisure or business proposes and use their cars to commute to and from the hotel they have rented are submitted to the risk of having their car stolen or broken into. This is particularly true when their vehicle is left unattended in hotel parking lots.

  • The best hotels are those that feature parking lot security. It is also possible to have the local police perform regular drive-bys during the day and at night. So, as a hotel managers, it is your duty to decide upon the most efficient solution in this regard.

  • Your parking lot should also have good lighting on it, as the cars should be easily seen from the hotel windows by those guests whose rooms will face the parking lot area. If you can afford to hire valets to professionally handle your parking lot needs, you will manage to satisfy customers even more.

  • Your parking lot is also best located near the lobby area or nearby the manager's office, as opposed to a more public location.

  • Hotel managers should also keep close ties to the nearest professional automotive locksmiths. In case of lockout emergencies, they should be abe to gain immediate access to their services. For example, car key replacement services at or emergency lockout services in case of accidental lockouts from vehicles, or broken/jammed keys in the ignition switch are perfect examples of what hotels need.

  • Since car locksmiths are the most suitable people who can recommend the best security solutions for vehicle owners, their expertise can also be used to create guides and recommendations for hotel guests who will be parking their vehicles there.

  • Making a habit out of double checking whether the keys are out of the ignition/car when parking in the hotel's parking lot is one example of advice that could be inserted in such a guide.

  • Also, guests should be advised never to park under rhick trees, in dark areas that are not well-lit, or behind dumpsters.

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