Hotels In Las Vegas To Play Exclusive Casino Games

A large number of professional casino players like to visit Las Vegas or Reno in the States in order to live a true and dynamic casino experience in the most refined and historical casinos of America. Actually, there are also a numerous professional poker players or slot players who cannot afford to book a flight to the nearest land based casino in order to play and win casino prizes.

That’s why the online gambling industry is growing so quickly and so much in the recent years, since more casino players found out that playing online is really more comfortable and quicker than going to a land based casino. For a certain aspect, this means that hotels in Las Vegas are experiencing a slight lack of customers.

Ladbrokes, The Online Game Provider By Excellence

If you are looking for a n online game provider, than you deserve the best and the best is called Ladbrokes: this British land based company is the world’s oldest and technically speaking the most important in the industry of online gambling games.

Ladbrokes provides customers with advanced technology games, 3D slots, games with a refined animation that make the casino experience become a really unique one.

Playing online slots with Ladbrokes is as easy as funny. In the Ladbrokes pool of available slot games there are over 500 titles, including a large number of free slot games.

Cleopatra is one of the most popular and chosen lost games at Ladbrokes, for this reason the Ladbrokes company decided to renew the whole game and launch this popular Cleopatra slot .

The New Cleopatra Slot By LadbrokesLadbrokes Cleopatra slot

Today, Ladbrokes is proud to offer its more affectionate and passionate slot players something new: a new version of the traditional and historically legendary Cleopatra slot game.

The classic version of the Cleopatra slot feature elements that have been improved and slightly changed in the new version, in order to maintain cool game elements while renewing other aspects of the game.

The Cleopatra slot game at Ladbrokes is produced by Playtech, which is the new manufacturer of most of Ladbrokes slot games since a few years.

New Features In The New Ladbrokes Cleopatra

The classic version of the Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot game feature 20 paylines with original sound and graphic effects. The exotic features and environment in the Cleopatra slot game are preserved in the new version by Ladbrokes. Standard symbols are been replaced by wild symbols in the new Cleopatra slot version, except for the scatter symbol.

The sphinx is the most important symbol in the Cleopatra slot game: 2 or more sphinxes in any position on the reels of the game earn players a scatter award on the basis of the players’ bet. And, the more sphinxes appearing, the large the scatter award multiplier – which represents a really cool new feature in the new Cleopatra slot version at Ladbrokes!

Cleopatra Free Spins

The new Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot features also more elements that are important for players. For example, 3 or more sphinx symbols in any position on the reels give players 15 FREE SPINS. The free spins will be played automatically by the game system after the paid spins and if during the free spins sphinx symbol will appear in sets of 3 or more, the players will win additional 15 FREE SPINS!

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