“Perhaps I’m biased since I speak at conferences weekly, but I witness the conversations, camaraderie and coaching that randomly occurs in the hallways, during meals and even in the washroom! These unplanned moments of connection often equal or surpass the well thought out education provided. If I were to unexpectedly ask anyone in attendance how they can afford the time away from work, the answer would overwhelmingly be, ‘I can’t.’

“Yet, after years of showing up, these same individuals realize they can’t afford not to attend. The savviest attendees maximize their conference investment by proactively creating memorable moments. For example, my colleague and friend, Laurie Guest, organizes a fun friend’s dinner months in advance. She invites an eclectic group of individuals, many even new to her, to gather off-site for conversation and connection. Having been privileged to attend, I’ve also been fortunate to meet a few individuals (who turned into dear friends) that otherwise might never have come across my radar.”

In her article, Colette expresses that genuine, personal connections — like those made at conferences — are invaluable opportunities to engage with people and their ideas, which is vital to successful leadership.

“Effective leaders know deliberate learning is not optional, but a requirement of growth and success. Consistent learning demands an investment of time, money and energy, but the price paid pales in comparison to the abundant returns in awareness, understanding and the development of richer connections to people, places and ideas.”

Colette will further explore these intriguing concepts during her closing keynote presentation, The Connected Leader.

Don’t Miss Colette Carlson’s Keynote Presentation,
The Connected Leader
at the HFTP 2018 Annual Convention
Friday, October 26, 2018
8:00 – 9:15 a.m.

About The Connected Leader: Successful leaders understand the nuances in communication that make a big difference when it comes to inspiring action and cooperation. Leaders understand that words alone do not generate trust, allegiance and loyalty. They know that they must be authentic and exhibit the behaviors conveyed in their message to truly impact and influence teams. In this enlightening session presented by Colette Carlson, learn to connect and communicate on a deeper level to form crucial relationships that drive productivity, engagement and collaboration.

About Colette Carlson: With more than 20 years of experience in the personal development industry, Colette is a human behavior expert and keynote speaker who inspires individuals to connect and communicate in real and relevant ways. How to create effective connections, and leverage them for greater success, is the thread that is woven into every one of Colette’s presentations.

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