How To Keep Your Laptop Safe When Traveling

If you are already familiar with my style of traveling, you might also know that I am what I like to call a savvy business traveler. In other words, I like to get everything prepared and taken care of in advance, so I can solely focus on the reason why I am traveling to every new location, instead of having to concern myself with pesky planning issues. Nevertheless, the unexpected somehow always interferes with my plans and I end up coming across a set of issues I need to deal with in the detriment of the things I had already detailedly planned. And this is usually a common occurrence inside hotels. Room charges that go wrong, name or surname confusion, rooms that are improperly prepared for new guests – the list of issues that could potentially rise when going to a hotel is large and unfortunately not an exhaustive one.

Safety Should Come fixes portable locks

My honest advice is to pick up the phone and make a call before you are ready to book your next hotel room – unless you can already find all the information and details you need about the hotel’s safety. Nevertheless, chances are you are still going to have to make that call as you will not find details on the dire or smoke alarm systems used (or not) by the hotel, the type of locks they have on guest rooms, the existence of security guards at the main entry door or the safety degree of their parking.

In terms of guest room locks, you should ensure they are using high quality deadbolt locks as these provide the best protection. Also, check the key management status; if they use electronic keys, you are safe. They will rekey the keys every time an old guest will leave and the key will be handed out to the next guest who has just arrived. Chances are, hotel managers work together with expert locksmith in their area like the guys here that offer specialty car, home, and commercial service 24/7, emergencies included. See if the hotel has fire escape exists in all rooms or on all floors/hallways and ask a room between the second and the sixth floor. These floors are considered the safest as they will prevent burglars from easily reaching windows as entry ways, while also ensuring the fire department tricks will reach your room on time and without too much hassle.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Laptop Safe

Pack a cable lock for laptops – there are many different versions to look into. These cable locks will help you securely tie down your laptop to a sturdy, fixed table, chair, desk, or bar countertop to prevent it from being stolen. You can go online or check the offer of your local hardware store and see which cable lock for your laptop best fits your needs. Don’t worry, they are light-weighted and way to pack so you have no reason to avoid getting them.

You should also purchase a portable lock for your hotel room so you can make sure no one can enter your room from the outside, even if they have a key. You can also use the locks on bathroom doors and other doors that do not have locks on them, but which open inwards.

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