How to Manage in the Modern Workplace and More: Attend the HFTP Club Summit 2019 this March

Strong leaders, satisfied employees and a safe workplace are all very important facets of a club’s overall success. Rather than focusing all of the attention on membership numbers, sales growth and amenity improvements, it is equally important to take a close look at your internal operations and tend to the well-being of club employees, managers and the board alike so that they, in turn, can then better serve your club clientele.

The 2019 Club Summit (which will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Nashville Downtown March 11–12, 2019) promises club professionals two days of advanced-level education addressing industry strategy, trends and engagement. Highlighted below are some of the education sessions taking place at Club Summit that are designed to improve your club’s internal operations and stimulate success.

Purpose-Driven Governance: How Boards Influence Club Success

Club governance must be a catalyst for a club’s success. Yet, many boards struggle to be effective against current challenges in a rapidly-changing industry.

Presented by Frank Vain, president of the McMahon Group, Inc., this session focuses on the director’s role in governing and leading their club into the future. Tools and tips will explain how to assemble a better board, create a more effective governance model, increase clarity and maintain continuity through a strategic plan.

Employee Engagement 101

Recruiting the “right person” to work at your club can be challenging, expensive and may not be the best path to success. The better answer might be to cultivate employee engagement. Clubs with high employee engagement tend to enjoy lower turnover, higher customer satisfaction rankings and greater financial success.

In this session, John Finley, CCM, managing partner of Paisano Performance Partners and Thomas Smith, CHAE, chief business officer at Imperial Golf Club will define employee engagement and explain why it is so important to retention, productivity, member satisfaction and profitability — as well as how to create a culture of engagement in your club.

One Year Later: How the #MeToo Movement Has Affected Your Workplace, and How to Respond to It to Stay out of the Headlines

The #MeToo Movement has focused a spotlight on sexual harassment in a way never seen before, and it has resulted in significant changes for all workplaces. Clubs are amongst the type of employers that face particular challenges to ensure compliance and prevent unlawful harassment.

In this session, attendees will learn all about the “new normal” from presenter Tracy Thomas Boland, partner at Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP — including what clubs need to know about legal requirements, policies and training relating to sexual and other types of unlawful harassment, as well as the obligation they have to investigate complaints.

Other topics that will be addressed at the 2019 Club Summit include:

  • Strategic key performance indicators
  • Club management software reengineering versus replacement
  • Capital planning for clubs
  • Views and best practices from auditors deeply immersed in working with clubs
  • A high-level, round table discussion of today’s interesting club topics and issues

Registration is now open for the 2019 Club Summit. Register by February 11, 2019 to get the discounted early registration rate. Also, be sure to reserve your hotel room at the special HFTP group rate no later than February 15. HFTP hopes to see you this March in Nashville, Tennessee!

Briana Gilmore is the HFTP Communications Coordinator.
Briana can be reached at or +1 (512) 220-4017.

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