I Volunteer Because the More You Give, the More You Receive

After joining HFTP in 1989, Arlene Ramirez, MBA, CHE, CHAE controller for The Clubs At Carlton Woods, quickly volunteered for the association and hasn’t looked back.

She currently serves on the Communictions Editorial Advisory Council and has been involved with other parts of the association including: as a past HFTP Global board member, and on the Education Advisory Council, Nominating Committee, Appeals Committee and more.

Like with Mick Nissen, I asked Arlene why she’s been so active with HFTP for over 20 years and why others should do the same by volunteering for an HFTP advisory council or committee.

What made you decide to initially volunteer with HFTP?
As with any organization or group, the more you contribute the more you receive. I felt in order to increase my knowledge of the industry and become a leader, it was important for me to be active in HFTP.  My boss at the time was president of our local chapter so there was significant support for my desire to become an active member within the organization.

What is your favorite part about being on an HFTP council?
The relationships that you build with other professionals and the active exchange of ideas and experiences are my favorite part of being involved in the HFTP councils. 

I can honestly say that my interaction with other council members have allowed for exposure in areas that perhaps I was not as knowledgeable and have allowed  for me to develop new ideas that I have been able to successfully  implement in the workplace.

What was something that surprised you once you joined a council that you weren’t expecting?
I was surprised at how efficient HFTP is at organizing and keeping all the councils on task.  The amount of time that I actually spent on phone calls or meeting was minimal but the councils always were able to accomplish a lot.

What advice would you give to someone that is thinking about volunteering to join a council but is unsure?
What are you waiting for? The more you hesitate or debate about whether to volunteer or not, the more you are missing out on.

If time is a concern, the staff at HFTP has made it so that being part of a council is not a time consuming effort. They provide many resources to communicating with those on the council and are there to make sure that all is organized and deadlines are met.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I have been a member of HFTP since 1989 and it is a world class organization. HFTP is truly such a good resource because of the quality of members that participate. Being a member of a council will be a rewarding experience and it will definitely help in your professional development.

HFTP is currently recruiting volunteers for the 2011-2012 year. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form by Friday, August 19.

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