Immediate Past President Lisa Funk, CHAE, Looks Forward to Future with HFTP

This fall, HFTP said goodbye to its 2011-2012 Global President, Lisa Funk, CHAE, who worked hard to lead the association towards meeting its strategic goals. Funk, who is Corporate Controller for The Dow Hotel Company, proved to be an exceptional leader and is looking forward to her continued involvement with HFTP. 

Q: What was surprising to you about your service as president?
A: “I don’t know that I would say it surprised me – but the amazing reputation HFTP has not only in the United States, but around the world. I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, London, Switzerland and Australia in my year as president and everyone I met was eager to tell me about their interactions with our association and what it has meant to them. It was especially interesting when I was able to introduce HFTP to individuals for the first time, to see how excited they were to get involved, whether it was through membership or establishing a partnership with us.”

Q: How will your involvement in HFTP continue to take form?
A: “I will continue to be involved at all levels of HFTP. I love to attend my local chapter meetings as well as assist my local chapter board when needed. I want to continue to work with the student chapters, and my hope is to establish new chapters around the country. I will continue my work with the Global Hospitality Accounting System Users Guide (GHASUG) project. This is a project that is going to be seen by all as a trailblazer in our industry. The collaboration we are already seeing with companies around the world is proof this project is needed.”

Q: What does the association and its members have to look forward to?
A: “HFTP just celebrated its 60th anniversary and it is getting better with each passing year. We are increasing our footprint globally by adding an office in India that will be able to provide services “real time” for our members in that part of the world. HFTP continues to partner with allied associations to increase the benefits available to our membership as well as those of the partnering association. Our educational events are continuing to grow and in doing so we are able to secure top notch speakers for our events. HFTP will continue to be the source and resource for the hospitality finance and technology professions. We are the one place individuals can come to find what they need whether it be education, certifications and a network of other professionals and friends that share a common interest.”

Q: What were the biggest accomplishment(s) that HFTP was able to achieve during your year as president?
A: “I believe our biggest accomplishment during my year as president was starting the GHASUG. We have talked about a project like this for as long as I have been on the board, and to see it come to life is something I will cherish. Traveling to Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and working with the team of students that started the research was an amazing opportunity. HFTP is going to provide a document to our industry that is far reaching and so needed.”

Q: What is your favorite memory during your presidency?
A: “I had an amazing opportunity to meet with our members around the world and to discuss face to face their needs and how HFTP can meet them. The best part — was they were not afraid to tell me what they wanted and what they needed. Lastly, working with the staff of HFTP in Austin. We do great things because of all of them!”

Lisa Funk, CHAE is the corporate controller for The Dow Hotel Company and the HFTP Immediate Past President.

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