Incredible hotel rooms: when technology upgrades hotel industry

For a unique vacation, most people tend to choose incredibly wonderful destinations. One of the top ideas is to book a flight to a tropical island in the pacific ocean, rent a bungalow and experience a great week feeling like a king.

Today, the hotel industry is improving more and more, including the most incredible ideas and projects for new hotels and more technological hotel rooms and services.

As you can see from this news released by BBC, one of the latest ideas to attract tourists is to build underwater hotel rooms.

Deep in the ocean   The underwater hotel

This underwater hotel will be built from a depth of 20 ft (6m) beneath the surface of the sea.  It represents one of the most unique hotel in the world. This project is called Water Discus and it’s been designed by a polish company.

The hardest part is to find a suitable place where to build this crazy hotel. In fact, waves that are too strong might destroy it after a while.

The hotel design include a disc, where there are 22 bedrooms. The view underwater should be fantastic.

Advanced hotel services

One of the main feature of modern hotels is the attempt to offer customers growing services, that is services that will grow through the time including more details and upgrades.

This flexibility in the way to design and think hotel services drives the most renamed luxury hotels to offer tourists and customers a top private casino and an exclusive swimming pool. In the best cases, you can find two swimming pools: one inside and the other one outside.

The casino service is probably one of the most appealing for many tourists who have never tries the experience of playing a table game like a real professional gambler.

Train your skills before to go!

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