Attention, Hotels: How Do You Use Technology to Transform the Guest Experience?

How are evolving and emerging technologies being leveraged to transform and enhance the guest experience? The hospitality industry wants to know.

The guest experience is becoming about more than just great service. Recent studies indicate that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator — and the world’s innovative hotels are taking notice. In fact, according to the recent Hospitality Technology Sentiment Survey, hospitality organizations rank technology to drive guest personalization and experiences as a top priority. It is all part of an effort to meet their primary goal for the new year: attract more guests and keep them coming back.

HFTP and Shiji Group have partnered together on the GX: Guest Experience Spotlight to share thought-provoking stories of innovation and highlight the world’s most innovative hotels that are pushing the boundaries of technology to re-imagine the guest experience (GX).

Candidates for this series will be carefully selected by an esteemed panel of the world’s top hoteliers, entrepreneurs and technology experts. Featured hotels will range from high-touch luxury brands to innovative lifestyle hotels to the most high-tech properties on the planet.

Are you a hotel with a unique guest experience to share? Visit the GX Spotlight website for more information on how you can apply for the spotlight.

Hotels featured in GX will receive global exposure on top hospitality media publications, reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands of readers. They will also receive exposure on numerous social media outlets, the GX Spotlight website, and some of the hospitality industry’s most celebrated events — including HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition.

The GX: Guest Experience Spotlight campaign was first announced earlier this month at HITEC Dubai 2019, so it was only fitting that the campaign’s first spotlight centered on TI’ME Hotels, an upscale “bleisure” brand founded in Dubai with an incomparable passion put into every aspect of their business.

TI’ME Hotels Masters High Technology and the Art of Hospitality

Many hoteliers see a conflict between focusing on technological investments and prioritizing exceptional guest service. Not so at TI’ME. In fact, TI’ME’s Corporate Director of IT Joseph Fayad makes his technological investments with a keen eye towards enhancing the guest experience.

“Today, connectivity is a critical aspect of the hospitality industry,” says Fayad. “It is essential to have proper infrastructure to provide the reliable service our guests need.”

Since he joined TI’Me in his current role in 2015, Fayad has spearheaded efforts to invest in a series of advanced, cloud-based platforms designed to streamline communications, increase efficiency, and truly delight guests:

“Simply put, we don’t just use technology for the sake of adding it to our list, but we make sure that the technology we are using is relevant to our business, and most importantly to our guests. Our technological investments have been able to eliminate communication gaps and make our staff more effective and efficient.”

The direct result of these investments is a multi-layered technological ecosystem that touches every stage of the guest journey, including targeted advertisements pre-stay, personalized service and activity recommendations during stay, and automated guest satisfaction surveys post-stay.

Fayad believes that a guest’s experience is positively heightened when hoteliers marry advanced technology with a solid philosophy of service:

“A great guest experience must be delivered with a realness and simplicity of purpose, in a manner that is energetic, genuine and straightforward. TI’ME Hotels delivers that experience by placing the customer at the center of everything we do.”

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Read the entire profile on TI’ME Hotels and explore the art of hospitality through technology at Are you a hotel that has been inspired by technology to create a unique guest experience? You are invited to apply for the GX Spotlight today.

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