Is The “Bringing Your Own Stuff Movement” Dead?

Not at all! As a matter of fact, it is more alive than ever, and much more critical to debate than it was a couple of years ago when the idea first emerged in the industry. Shortly put, the “bringing your own stuff movement” basically refers to the items hotel guests bring along during their stay, striving to make it more pleasant, entertaining, or comfortable. The “stuff” hoteliers need to pay particular attention to is the video-related content guests bring to their rooms. By catering to guests’ need to play content from smart devices and laptops onto big screen, hoteliers are prone to significantly enhance customer satisfaction.


Hotel Customer Carried Content – Entertainment

Many guests like to keep themselves entertained once they reach their hotel room after a long day at the beach or exhausting out of town business meetings. And one of their primary means of entertainment is the download of files from a variety of sources such as Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and other content stores on the web. Games online count among their favorite choices. Whether they download game apps right onto their devices or they choose the online, flash versions of arcade games, video poker, 3- or 5-reel slots, virtual sports games, Keno, scratchcard games, or table and card games they can find on sites like Ladbrokes, they are prone to have a blast. For example, the impressively rich selection of games that the worldwide popular Ladbrokes brand currently hosts is the favorite of many casino enthusiasts.


Wishing to temporarily replace the excitement, but often times inconvenience of real brick-and-mortar Vegas roulette playing, players opt for the fully mobile games of European Roulette or Player’s Suite Roulette. These games can be accessed from any hotel room that has WiFi access and they can be found in the Table and Card Games’ section of the Ladbrokes gaming site as well. A game of Backgammon played from the comfort of a bed covered in satin and soft pillows inside a 4-star hotel will also seemingly improve guests’ stay there. The New Games’ section keeps players hungry for new games well fed with the help of the new titles that are being constantly added to the collection. Games like Go Bananas, Wild Turkey, Spinner Takes All, Plants vs. Zombies, or Magic Portals are just a few of the latest additions on the new games’ page. Progressive games also count among the favorites of many, especially those games that can be played on mobile devices and which feature huge jackpots; for example, the Deal Or No Deal Jackpot game currently features a progressive jackpot that has reached 365,000 British Pounds and counting. Chain Reactors, Christmas Reactors, or Millionaires Club are also gathering over one million Pounds together in terms of progressive jackpots, so it is easy to see why hotel managers need to do their best to cater to the fast Internet connection speeds of their guests.

Streaming Customer Carried Content To Large Screens

Besides games, hotel guests are looking to stream media from device to screen, and hoteliers need to focus on the variety of formats and mobile operating systems. Apple’s AirPlay and the Android protocols are just a few of the hardware solutions that need to be considered.

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