It’s A Wrap: Memorable Words from the Annual Convention

It’s a Wrap!

The 60th anniversary HFTP Annual Convention & Tradeshow is now history. My IPad is loaded with my top 36 “words of wisdom.” These are the statements that left a lasting impression on me. I would like to share them with you (in no particular order). Feel free to add to the list!

Social Media, One voice with an echo, it is time to listen to it — Philip Newman and Robert Salmore

When people love you they give you more money — Ross Shafer

Escape the cult of the average — Shawn Achor

Creativity comes from random meetings and spontaneous communication — Ross Shafer

Happiness remains a choice – how can we make it more of a reality? — Shawn Archor

Women rule the world — Ross Shafer

Dump the dogs … even if you have always done them — Michael Padden

Success is your own fault — Ross Shafer

Retention is the key — Kevin Foley, James Hankowski and James Reilly

If you don’t like change you are going to hate extinction — Ross Shafer

Build on small successes — Michael Padden

FARC – Focus, Awareness, Repeat, Celebrate — Amanda Gore

Vision is the most critical element. All of the interruptions are preventing us from thinking clearly — Michael Padden

99 percent of the top Harvard Grads don’t graduate in the top 1 perecent of their class — Shawn Achor

Discounting is over. Quality and value win market share. — Ross Shafer

Change the lens through which you view the world. — Shawn Achor

Unconventional thinkers often spot the unmet need — Ross Schafer

Build a social media presence and manage it! — Bill Boothe

Sell the extended warranty. It is free money with no product — Ross Shafer

The dirty dozen, don’t make your decisions based on these people — Michael Padden

Exploit your employee’s talents — Ross Schafer

Take your “Gratitude Glasses” to your next staff meeting — Amanda Gore

Challenge yourself to be world class — Ross Schafer

25 percent of people are permanently dishonest. 50 percent of people are honest or dishonest, given the opportunity they swing. It is up to you to keep them honest. — Carl Weldon

Don’t try to outsmart the culture — Ross Shafer

Know yourself, manage yourself, manage your relationships — Amanda Gore

Think big, believe in yourself, follow your instincts, learn to take risks, get out of your box, embrace competition, take action and get things done — Michael Padden

Define the value of membership — Philip Newman and Robert Salmore

Stick to your commitments — show credibility — Michael Padden

If you do the same thing for 21 days in a row it becomes a permanent habit. — Shawn Achor

Get your graphs working, don’t just load data. — Carl Weldon

Is your club web site smart phone enabled? — Bill Boothe

Look at who you are hiring, they are a reflection of your company — Ross Shafer

Smiling is contagious — Shawn Achor

Your legacy remains long after you are gone. A legacy that is a standard of loving is permanent. A legacy that is a standard of living is temporary. — Ross Shafer

Ta Da! — Amanda Gore

Jane Schmitz, CHAE is the controller for the Shannopin Country Club in Pittsburgh, Penn. She has a bachelors in Computer Science from Iowa State University. After 17 years as the controller of an architectrual firm, she decided to move into the hospitality industry and accepted the position at Shannopin Country Club in October of 2010. Immediatley she became a member of HFTP and just recently earned her CHAE.

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