It’s Just a Party!…Or is it?

Have you ever been in a department store with your child at your side having a meltdown? How about being in a new management position, with a new company and not knowing where to start? Or being a member of an association and wanting to attend a conference, but your boss just says, “It’s just a party…”?

Never fear: there will always be someone out there to judge you. Especially singles, that don’t have any experience in parenting, or worker bees who have no idea of the stresses of management, or a boss who lets you come to Annual Convention, but has never come to find out first-hand what it’s about. Are you catching on? Don’t be so quick to judge when you haven’t even worn my size 9ww shoes.

The Friday night HFTP President’s Evening isn’t “just a party.” It’s… recognition, celebration. A culmination of two full days of education. President’s Evening is just that — it’s to congratulate and recognize our new HFTP Global President. Here’s to you Daniel Conti! A hearty congratulations from the entire membership. You have shared for years your passion to serve HFTP and to grow its members within the association. This is your year!

Is there dinner and drinks? Sure. Is there talking, mingling and dancing? Yep, that’s fun too. President’s Evening is a re-connection of old friends and new, the “let your hair down” and let everyone say how fantastic you look kind of night. The revitalization of your professional mojo and fire kind of evening.

Do you have a passion to show your boss that it’s more than “just a party?” Write it down. Take him/her to lunch. Share what you learned with your team. It’s the “ethical” thing to do if your company is paying for it. And even if they aren’t, sharing your experience may be a way to slip next year’s HFTP Annual Convention right into your budget.

Salary isn’t an investment. It’s payment for services rendered. How do you invest in your employees? If you’re a leader in your company, doesn’t investing in your employees seem like such a small price to pay for loyalty, buy-in and pride in said company? Give it a try because the ROI might surprise you.

If you’re interested in learning more about ROI, just come ask the little girl with a high school education who is afraid to talk to strangers. She’s was sitting in the front row of a capital expense class learning more about the accuracy of her balance sheet. The girl who is now a senior accountant for a hospitality management company with over 45 hotels.

Thank you HFTP, your ROI for me is “priceless.”

Stoke the Fire!

Jessica Vint, CHAE, is a senior accountant for Kinseth Hospitality based in Liberty, Iowa. Jessica has been an active member of HFTP since 2004 and has served as a director on the HFTP Global Board.

Please note: The content published in this section was provided by the Guest Blogger and not of HFTP, nor any person or organization affiliated or doing business with HFTP.

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