It’s Right There at Your Fingertips: Tips from the 2012 Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit is like a bowl of Halloween Candy. There is a lot of it, and it’s all worth having. But there are always those favorites that you separate out and try to savor later.

One choice treat came from a quote read by Lisa Funk, CHAE, HFTP Global President. It really got me thinking about how much is available to us if we seek it out. She shared the thoughts of Past Presidents, and Howard Isaacson stressed how much value we can get for our annual dues. Few other associations give back so much to their membership.

If you are a leader in your chapter, you should try to make it to these summits. It is surprising to see how much I share in common with other chapter leaders. The brainstorming has been sharp, and there are valuable nuggets to help us work through our challenges.

Here are some “Fun Size” treats that may be of interest for a relatively new chapter leader (like me):

  1. Invest the time to use the Chapter Management Plan tool. Set a goal or two for your chapter. Without targets to shoot at, your chapter may start to slip.
  2. If you want people to become more involved, ask. But ask them one-on-one. Somebody might really be interested in doing more, but they may not speak up when a call is made out to the group.
  3. “You cannot lead if you do not have enthusiasm,” a quote paraphrased from the U.S. Marines by speaker Denise Ryan
  4. Talk up your involvement in HFTP to your GMs and club managers. Show them what you have learned and know that HFTP involvement can lead you to the top of your field.
  5. “Let our lives be useful.” – R.P. Rama. As chapter leaders, make sure that everything we do benefits our members.

So far, it’s been all treats. No tricks.

John Grigas, CHAE is the controller at the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wis.

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  1. Like your “treat” on bringing the importance of HFTP back to our GMs and management. Our organizations can only benefit from an educated, engaged & involved workforce.

  2. Well said John, it was a great Leadership Summit and a great lead-in to the Annual Convention. Many thanks to the Leadership Committee for a wonderful Summit, can’t wait til next year!

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