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Borrowing the theme of this year’s Leadership Summit, this week has been a diamond mine. You see mostly rough rock, but if you dig into the sessions, you’ll find jewels of information. Here are some of the gems that have been valuable to me so far:

“Work with confidence and you can get anywhere in the world,” Steve Stout, CAE, Director of Meetings and Special Events for HFTP in a Social Media seminar

Although he was talking about how he was able to gain backstage access to a Melissa Etheridge concert, the quote holds true with moving boldly through life. This also recalls a statement that Past President Tom Smith, CHAE said earlier in the week: “don’t sell yourself short.” You have what it takes to contribute and make things happen.

“When you’re climbing Mt. Everest your gloves DO NOT blow away. Get in the game!” – Story Musgrave, speaker at the Leadership Summit

It’s all about focus on the desired outcome and keeping your attention engaged in what is important. Story is a farm boy and a mechanic, and he suggests that these fundamental qualities served him well in his career as an inventor, surgeon and NASA astronaut. This applies to all of us, whatever we are doing . . . keep your head in the game and you will accomplish your desired outcome.

“Video on Demand is dead.” – Darrin Pinkham, CHTP, a panelist in a Technology Track session.

We have seen in our own properties, and it’s discouraging to think about the long-term contracts many of us have with interactive television services. Much of the present and all of the future seems to be with the streaming online services like Hulu and HBO GO. Darrin’s point is that guests want their own content, when they want it. Which means that you better have robust bandwidth available and the ability to connect to the room television in future years.

“Don’t look at trends, look at the needs of your business.” – Brian Garavuso, another panelist in the Technology Track session.

It’s easy to get dazzled by the latest bells and whistles, but that won’t necessarily drive your business. Instead, look at the profile of your own guests to see what they would value. Something as simple as accessible power outlets might be more valuable to them than automatically dimming lights.

John Grigas, CHAE is the controller at the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wis.

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