Job Searches Do Not Have to be a Pain (There is Help)

Written By: Susan Savkov 

Often we dread starting a job search, or conducting a search for a new candidate. As the job seeker, where do you start? As the candidate seeker, where do you start? Do you look online, read the newspaper ads, or ask your friends for leads?

We have all been there at one time or another. We expend large amounts of time, money and energy in the process and it can get frustrating.

Fear not — there is help. And it is as close as your HFTP member benefits. With HFTP resources and tools at your disposal, your job search can be less of a pain and more of a joy. (Okay, perhaps we are stretching it a bit with the word “joy.”)

The HFTP Job Board

For the Job Seeker

Have you ever been on an online job search engine? You search by inputting keywords for the position you are hoping to find. Hospitality, finance and technology are just a few examples of keywords. Sometimes, you find that your keywords are too broad and the search does not return the positions you want.

Did you know that you have a “niche” job board available to you through your HFTP membership? The HFTP Job Board is a free resource exclusively for HFTP members. This means that only HFTP members are able to search the job board. The HFTP Job Board is geared towards hospitality finance and technology professionals, with keywords and segments specifically for the hospitality industry.

It is very easy to use. Just log in with your HFTP online username and password at the top of the HFTP website. Then, go to the HFTP Job Board and click on “Search Jobs.” You can refine your job search through the use of keywords, industry segment, city, state and country.

If you have earned one of HFTP’s professional designations — Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE®) or Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP®) — you can search for positions with that included.

For the Candidate Seeker

The HFTP Job Board is also available to employers within the hospitality industry seeking to fill a finance or technology position with an exceptional candidate. You do not have to be an HFTP member to post a position to the Job Board; anyone may do so.

As an employer, you can set the parameters of the position to what you need, including industry segments such as club, resort, hotel, casino, etc. Are you looking for a candidate who has achieved their CHAE or CHTP designation? You may indicate it in the details for your position.

Before you post the position, consider your job description. A clear and well-written job description can make all of the difference in attracting qualified candidates. Check out this recent HFTP Connect blog post on “How to Write a Good Job Description.” As well, the HFTP Americas Research Center developed sample job descriptions for accounting and information technology positions in both the lodging and private club industries.


Internships may also be posted to and searched for in the HFTP Job Board. Stay tuned for some updates coming to the job board regarding internships.

The HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey

For Both the Job Seeker and the Candidate Seeker

An incredibly important step in the job search process involves doing the research to determine hospitality industry trends in compensation, benefits and budgeting.

Where can you find all of that information in one place? Check out the HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey. In conjunction with HFTP, the HFTP Americas Research Center produces a biennial profile of finance and technology professionals employed in the hospitality industry.

About the Survey

  • This survey, distributed to HFTP members and industry professionals, contains detailed information on factors such as compensation, bonuses, job responsibilities and performance evaluations in the hospitality industry.
  • According to the HFTP 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey, active CHAE and CHTP designees have reported higher salaries and various career advancement opportunities.
  • To access the 2016 HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey report, login to the HFTP website with your online username and password.
  • Your input is extremely valuable! Complete the 2018 HFTP Compensation & Benefits Survey today.

Consider Your Career Development Opportunities While You Search for a New Job


Do not forget that as an HFTP member, you have access to an international community of members who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you attend an HFTP event at the local chapter, regional, national or international level, you have a unique opportunity to expand your network and build valuable face-to-face connections.


ProLinks webinars are offered throughout the year at no cost to HFTP members. Attend these online courses and gain valuable knowledge, while simultaneously earning continuing education credits.

Take the First Step to Success

Starting your new job search, or finding the right candidate for your company, does not have to be an intimidating process. Your HFTP membership gives you the tools you need to get started and find that right professional fit.

Susan Savkov is the HFTP Membership Marketing Manager. Contact Susan at or +1 (512) 220-4028.

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