Key Benefits of HFTP Membership Explained in New Membership Video

Written By: Susan Savkov


HFTP® was excited to recently film the association’s new membership video. Watch the full “My HFTP” video on HFTP’s YouTube channel, and hear from a group of HFTP members on how they have benefited from their membership. Hearing our members’ stories on why they joined HFTP, what they have learned and connections they have made reminded us how lucky we are to be in this unique industry. We hope when you hear from your fellow members in the video, it will resonate why this is Your HFTP, a community of sharing, collaboration and support of hospitality professionals.

Find out what people have to say about HFTP as a whole. Below are quotes, pulled directly from the “My HFTP” membership video, from current and former HFTP Global Board directors as well as members, industry leaders and association influencers revealing what they have drawn from their experience as HFTP members.

Favorite part of HFTP membership quotes from “My HFTP” Video Footage:

Former HFTP Global Board member Neil Foster (left) attending an education session at the Annual Convention 2016 that took place at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Neil Foster – Having my finger on the pulse of what’s really going on in the industry – HFTP has several of the key decision makers in technology and finance right there.”

Ted Horner – “Trading stories and comparing notes about things that are happening in the marketplace. Networking on a global scale – that is one of the great benefits of being a member of HFTP. The educational aspect, the knowledge transfer that happens. The willingness to share and cooperate is one of the great benefits of being part of the HFTP family.”

Sherry Marek – “Getting to know people both locally from a chapter level and globally at conferences – you get to talk to people, share stories and learn from them — it’s the people and the whole learning process.”

Prakash Shukla – “It’s the networking. The industry is fairly fragmented and siloed in many respects, and one doesn’t often get an opportunity to meet other professionals from the industry. HITEC®, for example, is a tremendously useful venue, and people come from all over the world to meet and greet each other and bounce off ideas and so forth.”

HFTP’s internationally-renowned HITEC conference is the largest and most comprehensive hospitality technology conference in the world. HFTP is expanding the event internationally and will produce HITEC Amsterdam and HITEC Dubai in 2017 in addition to the larger HITEC Toronto.

Tim Nauss, CHAE– “The conferences have been very important in the educational process. Generally, hotel companies – they are only going to feed you what they know and what they look at as the way to do something. When you go to an HFTP event, you’ll see many other ways of doing things.”

Christopher Garland – “I love going to HITEC every year. All your friends in the industry are all there and it is amazing to see how the industry is moving forward technology wise.”

Michael Levie, CHTP – “In a technology world where things are changing so fast, here you have a network of people where you can share and get educated – almost like being able to get advice in a special way not linked to sales or anything, just among friends and over the years those friendships have grown pretty strong.”

Allison Low, CPA, CHAE – “Conferences, leaving the educational sessions so inspired and being exposed to people and professionals with conversations that are so thought provoking.”

HFTP Global President Lyle Worthington, CHTP (left) with Maidbot Founder and CEO Micah Estis Green (right).

Lyle Worthington, CHTP – “It is how inclusive we are – every idea from every person is important and evaluated. These people really care about moving the industry forward – it doesn’t matter if you are a young professional member or a 30 year veteran CFO or CIO, if you’ve got a good idea we want to hear it.”

Rosemarie Gilchrist, CHAE – “The lifelong friendships that you make through the educational conferences – I can’t even begin to tell you how special they are.”

• Dr. Katerina Berezina, CHTP  – “It is very hard to choose a favorite but I would say probably the educational opportunities – conferences provide so many opportunities, networking – learn from other members, learn from the leadership opportunities. There is so much more than just the educational sessions.”

Dr. Katerina Berezina, CHTP (left) at Annual Convention 2016. Earlier this year, Berezina was selected and served as an official HFTP Connect Guest Blogger at HITEC 2016 that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

Mark Pate, CHAE, CHTP, MBA – “One of my favorite things is all the neat cities we get to visit both with HITEC and with Annual Convention. My wife is so jealous!”

Daniel N. Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM  – “Where else can you go and have a global network of associates? I can pick up the phone or text and get responses from people all over the world who are going through similar things and use their expertise to help me out.”

Wendy K. Zurstadt, CHAE+, CPA, CAM – “Even though I felt I was on the right career path, the education that the conferences have provided me have really propelled me in my career. I don’t know if I’d have been as successful as CFO as I have been if it had not been for HFTP.”

Arlene Ramirez, CHAE,CHE,MBA, CHIA – “Meeting people at the conferences is the most important – you interact with people all over the world, people who do different things than you do and it’s good to get a different perspective.  From a consulting standpoint, just having that network is a great reward both personally and professionally.”

Wendy Zurstadt, CHAE+, CPA, CAM, at HFTP’s renowned HITEC event earlier this year. In 2017, HFTP will host three separate HITEC events taking place in Europe, Canada and Asia.

To current HFTP members, thank you for being a member of HFTP. You are a part of what makes the association special in so many ways. To future members, as a leading international association with a network of approximately 5,000 hospitality finance and technology professionals worldwide, HFTP can help you grow exceptionally in your career. With renowned international events, countless in-person and online educational resources, numerous leadership opportunities and much more, we hope you will join us and experience all that HFTP has to offer – 2017 is projected to be one of the association’s most exciting years yet!

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From myself and all the staff here at HFTP Global, we wish you a successful 2017.

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