Meet the 2014 HITEC Guest Bloggers

HFTP Connect is featuring three guest bloggers throughout HITEC 2014. The bloggers will be providing you with their insights on all things HITEC from their various viewpoints and experience in the industry. Before we get to Los Angeles, read on to learn a little about each of our guest bloggers and if you see them onsite, be sure to say hello.

In no particular order:

Randy Craven, CHTP
Stella Solutions Group

Randy Craven is co-principal of Stella Solutions Group, a hospitality software development and consulting firm based in Greensboro, NC. He has been an HFTP member for three years and holds the CHTP designation. He currently serves as president of the Central Carolina chapter, and also as a member of the HFTP Certification Advisory Council. He was the HFTP 2012 CHTP of the Year recipient.

Samuel Ayisi
Head of Analytics
Nyansapor Analytics

As an analytics professional, Samuel is always very interested in how the various hospitality organizations optimize their hospitality data to enhance the total guest experience.  Samuel Ayisi is currently the secretary of HFTP-Maryland Chapter and the founder of Nyansapor Analytics, a company focused on the use of analytics in the hospitality vertical.

James Lingle
James Lingle Consulting

For over 20 years, James has been a part of technology in the hospitality space. In his consulting business James works with both vendors and hoteliers across a wide range of needs. Actively involved in the industry, James is currently a director at large for the Rocky Mountain HFTP chapter, has served on the HITEC Advisory Board planning HITEC educational sessions, is a presenter in HITEC educations sessions and participated on the HFTP PCI Compliance group.

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