Meet the HITEC 2013 Guest Bloggers

HFTP Connect is featuring four guest bloggers throughout HITEC 2013. The bloggers will be providing you their insights on all things HITEC from their different viewpoints and experiences in the industry. Before we get to Minneapolis, read on to learn a little about each of our guest bloggers and don’t forget to say hello if you see them onsite.

In no particular order:

Patty O’Brien
Central Reservations Manager
Grand Casinos

As the call center manager for one of Minnesota’s favorite gaming destinations she is always on the lookout for technology and programs that will increase effectiveness and efficiency. At the Grand Casinos, they like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but the day-to-day routine does not always offer the opportunities to learn what is the latest and greatest. While blogging for HITEC 2013, Patty seeks to find the next technology that will enhance guest services and will also bring a local perspective.

Warren Markwart
MK2 Hospitality

Warren is a seasoned international hospitality professional with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of hospitality operations and corporate brand headquarters. He is currently principle of an international hotel consulting practice in Toronto, Canada. His international perspective and experience as a past HITEC Advisory Council member is certain to offer an exciting insight into HITEC 2013.

Brad More
Co-founder and President
Atri Leo

Returning as a guest blogger for 2013 is Brad More, a former Naval Aviator who stumbled into hospitality technology and found a home. He is co-founder and president of Atri Leo, a new company focused on the practical application of technology to hospitality. In 2012 Brad gave us insight on the great networking and the various vendor interactions he experienced at HITEC. Don’t forget to follow Brad on Twitter@brmore.

Neil Foster
Tech-Tonic Hospitality Solutions

A global hospitality technologist since 1997, Neil has held regional leadership roles with Fairmont, Starwood and Silverbirch (operating Marriott, Hilton and Carlson flagged properties) hotel groups in North America, rounded his knowledge of industry-standard technologies in Asia-Pacific as a regional consultant with MICROS Fidelio, and currently serves as an IT consultant to the hotel industry. Neil has over 13 years of association with HFTP and looks forward to sharing his knowledge on stakeholder perspectives as they relate to hospitality technology.

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