New Year, New CHTP Certification and a New CHAE Possibility on the Horizon


After a lot of hard work by last year’s Certification Advisory Council and Task Forces, HFTP recently launched the new Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) certification program for 2015. The new CHTP program launch includes a revised exam, application process and policy and procedures. The new CHTP exam is now divided into three sections: hospitality applications, hospitality technology management and core technology. The new CHTP program is ideal for mid-management level industry professionals in hospitality technology. With over 500+ new and revised exam questions to choose from in the exam software, candidates will be assured to see exam content that is up-to-date with today’s hospitality industry. Additionally, HFTP has developed a plan to maintain the certification exam questions which will keep them current and up- to-date going forward — a challenge with the prior generation’s exams.

With the successful launch of the new CHTP, the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE) Advisory Council has plans to review the CHAE program later this year. Although accounting principles do not change as rapidly as technology does, HFTP wants to ensure that we are producing educational content that is both valid and purposeful for the industry’s benefit. The goal of the review of the CHAE exam is to determine whether or not essential industry accounting concepts are represented and competencies are assessed. The CHAE is currently geared towards all hospitality finance and accounting professionals. The CHAE exam consists of five sections which cover the following concepts: basic accounting, managerial accounting, asset management, tax and law (Canadian version available) and hospitality operations.

2015 is your opportunity to highlight your industry commitment and become certified with HFTP!

Visit the HFTP certification page to learn more.

Wood_BryanwBryan Wood is the director of certification for HFTP.

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