Overcoming Barriers in Your Workplace

How a Sermon Had Me Reflecting on HFTP’s Ability to Pull Me Out of a Rut

I went to church yesterday and the sermon topic was “The Cloud.” It started making me think about HFTP and all I have learned being a member and participating in this association. For example:

  • Every time I learn something new about PCI compliance, I am further daunted by how much more is out there to learn.

The sermon went on to talk about barriers and two points really hit me.

1. Living in your past.

As accountants, do we perform tasks in a manner because they have always been done that way? Do we allow our employees to do the same thing?

Of course, there’s catchy phrases out there – “Step outside the box,” “Right seat on the bus,” etc. But do we really take the time to do that?

To truly step outside the box takes some quiet time and it takes some focus. That’s what I love about HFTP.

The Club and Hotel Controller Conferences, the webinars, Annual Convention. Sure it’s great to see friends and network – but mostly – these meetings make me think. What is the issue in my line of work? How can I smooth it out? That’s where the networking comes in.

Once I can identify the issue, attend classes that help me actually think outside the box – then I can connect with those who have had success in the same area and really make a change.

2. Letting your problems become your identity.

Letting your problems become your identity is a strikingly easy rut to get into. This is the part where you can get excited another HFTP event is coming up – because it will pull you out of the rut.

The point, however, is do you take back what you’ve learned and thought about during the event?

THAT folks is the key to what pulls you out of the past and out of the rut you may be in (professionally speaking, of course).

I am thankful to HFTP for being such a huge part of my continuing education, for keeping me on track and for making me a better employee. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this association.

Jessica Vint, CHAE, is regional controller for The Hotel Group in Edmonds, Wash. She is also a director on the HFTP Global Board.

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